Matt Henson Trip

Timeline created by funkman316
  • Starting the Big Adventure.

    Starting the Big Adventure.
    On July 6th 1908,a team of explorers,Matthew Henson,Robert Peary,and Captain Bartlett,were on there sixth and final attempt to go to the North Pole.Soon they were borded on The Roosevelt and ready to go.
  • Good Luck From Teddy.

    Good Luck From Teddy.
    On July 7th,President Theodore Roosevelt went to Oyster Bay and shook Peary's hand and gave him luck for the Noth Pole expedition.
  • The Great Warm Up.

    The Great Warm Up.
    The Roosevelt docked at Cape Sheridan.So Matt started training the new men in the art of dog sleding,igloo building,and survival.
  • Ready to Go

    Ready to Go
    The crew was ready on February 28th 1909,to go to the North Pole.Each person from the crew brought something special.Matt brought his Bible,and each sledge had 450 pounds of supplies.
  • Pioneer Trail

    Pioneer Trail
    Bartlett and Borup were on there way to The Pioneer Trail.
  • Forward March

    Forward March
    Peary had to take some tests to see how far they were.So the crew had to wait for Peary to say,"Forward March!"
  • The Lead

    The Lead
    Peary and Matt saw Bartlett on the other side of the big lead and it was wide and fearful.
  • Crimson Sphere

    Crimson Sphere
    Matt saw a Crimson Sphere and the weather was great,but he couldn't cross the lead.
  • Frozen Lead

    Frozen Lead
    The Lead was frozen and the men went across quickly.
  • Time to Go Ross

    Time to Go  Ross
    It was time for Ross Marvin to go back to the Roosevelt.
  • Bye Bartlett,Just Kiding

    Bye Bartlett,Just Kiding
    Matt and Peary set up camp and water was hitting the dogs.Henson saw Bartlett beside a lead,and the ice split.Bartlett and the dogs were stuck on a frozen ice island,andgot harnessed by Matt and they leaped across.
  • Bye Bartlett, Now!!

    Bye Bartlett, Now!!
    It was Bartlett's turn to leave.So Matt repaired the sledges and rested.
  • March,March March March,March

    March,March March March,March
    The crew marched for 10 HOURS!!!!!!!Then Matt saw the moon and the sun on oppisite sides of each other in the sky.
  • Drown

    Matt fell in the freezing water and Ootah ( one of the Eskimoes ) saved him.
  • 3 Miles Left

    At Noon Peary saw that they were 3 miles from the top of the world.
  • The North Pole

    The North Pole
    Matt and Peary made it to the North Pole and put the flag there.
  • Home at Last

    Home at Last
    Matt and Peary took the Roosevelt back to Cape Columbia ,and some of Peary's friends were there to meet them.Henson's friend took him to his cabin and took off his furs.