Masterpiece Elijah Alston

  • Exposition#1 Backround

    Marvin the beetle meets James the human boy.They meet a girl named Christina.She tells them about how paintings were stolen and how James needs to mmake another drawing of Fortitude so that they could catch the stealer.Marvin finds out that Denny stole the drawings and that they're in his apartment. James and Marvin go to his apartment and snatch the drawings.James brings it to Karl and is told what had happened. Denny is caught.
  • Exposition#2 Setting

    This story takes place at the museum. The museum is where they talk about the Durer drawings. This story takes place in the present. If this story would have taken place in the past, people would not have public telephones like when James was calling his dad when he was by the apartments. If this story took place in the future, people would probably have a headpiece that calls people when you're thinking about them.
  • Exposition #3 Character

    Marvin the beetle meets James the human boy. Karl, James's mom, Christina, Denny, and Marvin's family.
  • Conflict

    Four paintings had been stolen by a mysterious person and James, Marvin, Christina, and Karl are trying to get them back and catch whoever stole them.
  • Rising Action #1

    James and Marvin meet Christina and have a discussion about the four stolen drawings.
  • Rising Action #3

    Marvin tries to tell James that the piece of paper has the adress of the missing paintings on it.
  • Rising Action #4

    James and Marvin went to go find the stolen paintings and came across an apartment that had the exact address of the piece of paper that Marvin had gotten.
  • Rising Action #5

    Marvin and James break into his apartment using a paper-clip.
  • Rising Action #6

    Thay go into Denny's apartment and get the suitcase containing the stolen drawings in it. Marvin tells James that he knows that Denny is coming and that they need to get out of there.
  • Rising Action #7

    James and Marvin escape from the apartment and get back home. James gives the suitcase to Karl and he unwrapps the paper and sees the four drawings.
  • Turning Point

    James tells Karl and Christina what happened.
  • Falling Action #1

    Christina and Karl ask what had happened and James tells them how he got the piece of paper with the address on it.
  • Falling Action #2

    James tells them that he thinks that Denny stole the drawings.
  • Falling Action #3

    Christina thinks about it and realizes that Denny had stolen the drawings.
  • Falling Action #4

    Christina explains to Karl that Denny knew all along what had happened and that he plotted it.
  • Falling Action #5

    Karl realizes that it was Denny.
  • Resolution

    Christina calls the FBI and tells James that they will take care of it from there.