Master Timeline

By Orendj
  • Mayflower Compact

    The voyage to the new worlds from England.
  • Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving was a feast with the pilgrim settlers and a group of native americans on september 21th the seeking of freedom,religion,and speech in the new world.
  • Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin was an inventor, scientist, congressman but u never thought he was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.
  • George Washington

    Once was a General or in England ,Lord,then to a President of U.S.A.,George Washington was founding father and very bold of making risky decision,he was arigant
  • The Albany Plan

    Join or Die this is created by 7 Northern Colonies to create a more stronger government of America to fight off Britian.
  • Quartering Acts

    The colonist had to support Bitish with supplies becuase British were protecting them from the French
  • The Boston Massacre

    The boston Massacre was kind of a street fight of settlers v. Btrish soilders. The massacre was very murderous including a death of a former African-American slave
  • Boston Tea Party

    An angry mob of colonist was throwing tea off board of a ship in Boston Harbor. The ship was a British boat sent from King George 3rd.
  • Stamp Act

    Anything that was made of paper had to be taxed and carried with a stamp.
  • Shot Heard Around the World.

    This led to the American Revolutionary war America was outnumberer the wars was long and harsh,the British killed 8 colonist although some minutemen were waiting.
  • Declaration of independence

    The Declaration is a document of Liberty and mind of american citizens it is signed by our founding fathers aswell.
  • The Preamble

    The Article of Confederation and The Union of The 13 Colonies.
  • Period: to

    The Preamble

    The Agreement of the Article of Confederation and union of the 13 colonies.
  • The Constitution

    The document that gives America there freedom,equality,and their citizenship. Signed by founding fathers.
  • New Jersey Plan

    This was introduced by the Articles of Confederation in the constitution convention
  • The Grlativeseat Compromise

    A plan to put up a Branch of The Government it was a convention of legistlative and judicials to make the new jersey plan.
  • Bill of Rights

    The document that holds the 10 ammendments.
  • Abraham Lincoln

    An important American symbol,the 16th president Abraham Lincoln.the 6ft,4in man was self -educated he served in the army and more importantly he helped abolished slavery.
  • Civil War

    The most deadly war America has ever seen on our land thousands dead and thousands injured the confederate were outnumbered but they had an advantage on of familiar land but Ulysses s. Grant was victorious in victory.
  • 13th Amendment

    The document of the constitution that gave equal rights to all race from slavery from Abraham Lincoln it was helped created from the speach of Abraham Lincoln
  • Statue of Liberty

    A gift given from France to America it stands for freedom the statue has the worlds biggest pedistool it stands 300 ft tall in the air and ot weights 250 tons.
  • The Great Depression

    The time when America went through tough economy causes and tough time to work,horrible crisis.