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Mary's Technology Analysis: HyperText Markup Language [HTML]

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    The History & Future of HTML

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    HTML Makes a Quiet Debut

  • HTML Makes Its Debut

    HTML Makes Its Debut
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    HTML 3.0 Lifespan

    HTML 3.0 was developed by IETF, but abandoned just five months later, only to be succeeded by HTML 3.2 by W3C. 3.2 was the first version developed and standardized exclusively by the W3C, as the IETF had closed its HTML Working Group in September 1996. Wikipedia's HTML Version History.
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    HTML 2.0 Lifespan

    HTML 2.0 was the first standard to be used by the masses on the web. It was declared obsolete (effectively dead) in June 2000. -Wikipedia HTML Version History
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    HTML 4's Reign

    It's hard to say when the current "fully accepted" standard will be allowed to retire. Will it be in 2014 when HTML5 is finalized? Will it be around in 2022??? -Wikipedia HTML Version History
  • Work Begins on HTML5

    Work Begins on HTML5
    "The HTML 5 timeline states that it will be at least a decade before the evolving HTML 5 efforts are finalized, and it remains to be seen what parts will be implemented consistently across all browsers," said Dave McAllister, Adobe's director of standards and open source.
    HTML5's Long Road to Development
  • Last Call

    Last Call
    In May, the W3C leadership announced its “last call” for the 400 or so individuals involved in hammering out HTML 5’s specifications to make any last-minute changes.
    The Economist, 10/28/2011
  • Target Deadline for HTML5 Release

    Target Deadline for HTML5 Release
    The aim is to release the final version by 2014. If, by then, web-enabled devices support just half of what HTML 5 has to offer, the online world will be a far richer place.
    -The Economist, 10/28/2011