Martin Luther King Jr.

  • A Leader is Born

    A Leader is Born
    On this day in Atlanta, Georgia, Michael and Alberta king became the parents of a child who will change the world; known as Martin Luther King Jr. Reverend Michael King fought against descrimination and pushed for civil rights by preaching and holding peaceful protests. On this day a life was brought into the world that would fill his shoes and go the next size up.
  • Period: to

    The Journey

  • A Beginning

    A Beginning
    MLK jr. looked up to his father. Marin was inspired by his fathers preaching and learned a lot. He grew to be incredibly intellegent , so intellegent that by 15 years of age he entered the Mooehouse Collage and studied sociology.
  • Growing Benieth A Large Shadow

    Growing Benieth A Large Shadow
    In this year Martin began following his fathers footsteps. MLK jr. became a Babtist Minister and graduated from college, the same college his dad has graduated from. Unlike his father, however, martin earned a bachelors degree in sociology. After graduating, Martin studied further fields and studied religion at Crozer Theological Seminary. During his time
    there he becamed very interested in peaceful protests.
  • Thirsty for Knowledge

    Thirsty for Knowledge
    College after college, MLK graduated form Crozer in 1951 then attended Boston Uniersity to continue his religious studies. It was there that Martin had met his wife to be, Coretta Scott. They decided to get married and live in Alabama. Four years after, Martin becomes pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church. A year after studying at Boston University, he earned doctorate in theology.
  • Using His Knowledge Cont,

    Using His Knowledge Cont,
    ...segregated busses to be unconstitutional. The first of many feats Dr. King held successful, and they only grew larger.
  • Using His Knowledge

    Using His Knowledge
    Immediately, Dr. King jumped in the struggle for civil rights and began to get involved. He cooperated with Women's Political Council and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and took part in the Rosa Parks bus boycott. The Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) wanted a leader to the boycott, and who else but Dr. Martin Luther King Jr would have the pleasure to do so. His hard work did not go unnoticed, the United States Supreme Court ruled segregated...
  • National Leader

    National Leader
    King began reciving widespread attention. He became chairman of the SCLC, was portrayed on the cover of Time Magizine, and delievered his first speech "Give Us the Ballot" in Washington D.C.
  • Freedom at the Tip of a Pen

    Freedom at the Tip of a Pen
    The Civil Rights Act was signed in 1960, but other than one more signature by Dwight D. Eisenhower on a document; all else remained the same. King met with canidate Kennedy and proposed the suggestion of an executive order to end segregation. For the next three years the battle continued and the racist counterpart grew vicious, murdering innocent people with street bombs and the like.
  • Icon of Peace

    Icon of Peace
    Over the years, King's peaceful progress toward freedom was regonized around the globe. In 1964 King was rewarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his peaceful accomplishments.
  • Anywhere He is Needed

    Anywhere He is Needed
    King and his wife, Coretta, moved to Chicago and continued the battle for equality. While there, King delivered many speaches to growing audiences. Along with the assistance of other leaders, King marched 15,000 protesters from Memphis to Jackson to support equal voting rights.
  • A Premature Ending

    A Premature Ending
    King did not live to see the end of the journey, or the impact he had on the world. On this day he was shot and killed in cold blood. Though he did not live to see the end, his hard work throughout his journey put a footprint in who America is today and that footprint remains there today, 45 years later.