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  • MLK jr. is Born

    MLK jr. is Born
    Michael Luther King- as we know him-Martin Luther King jr, was born on January 15, 1929 in a small hospital in Atlanta, GA. King was born into an everyday, middle class family and was the son of Alberta Williams King and Martin Luther King Sr.
  • Alfred Daniel (his brother) was born

    Alfred Daniel (his brother) was born
    Alfred Daniel grew up up to be a civil rights activist as well. He spent most of his time preaching at a baptist church. He was also arrested with King and the group of activists in October 1960.
  • MLK starts nursery school

    MLK starts nursery school
    Martin started at a small nursery school, which he attended for a short period of time before entering Yonge Street Elementary School.
  • Early Education

    Early Education
    MLK attended Yonge Street Elementary School technically before the legal age of 6 (at age 5), later he attended David T. Howard Elementary, that brought out the true prejudice of the South."He never forgot the time when, at about age six, one of his white playmates announced that his parents would no longer allow him to play with King, because the children were now attending segregated schools."(
  • WW2 begins

  • Attempted Suicide

    The death of MLK's maternal grandmother by heart attack caused major strain on King; because he was not with his parents at the time he heard of her death, he attempted to commit suicide at age 12 by jumping out of a two story building.
  • Attends Morehouse College

    Attends Morehouse College
    At age 15, MLK receives early college admissions from Morehouse college located in Atlanta, GA. This means, King never formally finished High School.
  • Graduates from Morehouse

    Graduates from Morehouse
    After a short 4 years, Martin graduates from Morehouse at age 19.
  • King begins at Boston University

    King begins at Boston University
    At Boston University King pursued his individual path. He went on to study Systematic Theocracy and although that was his major, he broadened his studies that allowed him more support.
  • Post-Morehouse College

    After attending Morehouse college for a short 4 years, King attended Crozer Theological Seminary where he received a Bachelor of Divinity. While attending Crozer, King was elected President, and for a man of color that was surprising at the time. You could say that Crozer opened King's eyes as to what he wanted he wanted to do and strengthened his relationships to those things.
  • The Start of a Family

    The Start of a Family
    During his time in Boston, King met a women named Coretta Scott. On June 18, 1953 they got married, and never divorced. They had 4 children together.
  • Racial Segregation in Schools Outlawed

    The supreme court made a unanimous decision on May 17, 1955 to outlaw segregation in school buildings.
  • MLK jr earns his PhD @BU

    Upon graduating MLK jr, becomes who we know today as Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. His doctorate is in Systematic Theocracy. He received this after 4 years in the program. MLK jr thrived in a setting where his study of philosophy and ethics did not go unnoticed.
  • Yolanda King is Born

    Yolanda King is Born
    Not to long after King receiving his PhD, King and Coretta's eldest daughter is born.
  • Rosa Parks is Arrested/ Montgomery Bus Boycott

    Rosa Parks is Arrested/ Montgomery Bus Boycott
    On Dec. 1, 1955 Rosa Parks- an African American women-was arrested for refusing to give a white man her seat on a public bus in Montgomery, AL. This led to the beginning of a movement called the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which initially a group of activists started to desegregate the buses, MLK was then nominated to be the leader of this movement. This movement spanned 11 months in length.
  • Desegregation of Buses is Activated

    Desegregation of Buses is Activated
    After 11 months of boycotting the bus system (montgomery bus boycott) officials finally made it legal for a negro to be seating along with whites on the buses without having to give up their seats.
  • Martin Luther King lll is Born

    Martin Luther King lll is Born
    MLK jr and Coretta's second born child. He also became a civil rights activist and is till living at age 60 today.
  • MLK arrested at an Atlanta Sit-in

    He was arrested after participating in a sit-in at a department stores lunch counters. About 1/3 of the movements charges were lifted. However, MLK's were not because of a recently imposed probation in which he violated by crossing state lines (GA to NC)
  • Dexter Scott is Born

    Dexter Scott is Born
    MLK and Coretta's 3rd child is born. He is also alive today at 56, and also took after his father and became a civil rights activist.
  • MLK meets with JFK

    During this time Martin meets with John F. Kennedy in hopes to gain his support in the civil rights movement.
  • Arrested in Albany, GA

    Arrested in Albany, GA
    MLK and hundreds of others were arrested for supporting "The Albany Movement." After months of trying to make this movement work, King admitted that the initial goal was never reached.
  • Bernice Albertine is Born

    Bernice Albertine is Born
    MLK jr, and Corettas last child, Bernice Albertine was born. Her father died when she was just five years old, she is currently alive and 54 years old. She, unlike the rest grew up to be an american minister, although i'm sure she still believes in civil rights.
  • "I have a dream"

    "I have a dream"
    August 28, 1963 MLK jr, stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and gave one of the most powerful, and influential speeches of all history. This speech was definitely anticipated by the people. It stood as its own voice. It invited any race, any color, and gender, ANYONE to join together and open eyes. This speech gave hope to the negroes in the crowd and made them breakout in spontaneous emotions. On this day, MLK jr, sang words from his soul that impacted how we live today significantly.
  • President John F. Kennedy is Assassinated

    President John F. Kennedy is Assassinated
    Just short of a month after MLK jr. gave his speech, our president JFK was assassinated in Dallas, TX at a presidential event. RIP.
  • Man of the Year

    Man of the Year
    TIME magazine named Martin Luther King Jr., man of the year. For many reasons such as: his constant stamina and will to do things, how he is a primary example on why/how to never give up,and of course the "I have a Dream" speech.
  • MLK jr is arrested once more

    MLK jr is arrested once more
    King was arrested for demanding service at White-Only restaurant and protesting at a lodge to desegregate the pool in St. Augustine, FL. He was arrested with Ralph Abernathy.
  • Nobel Peace Prize

    Nobel Peace Prize
    MLK jr, was awarded the NPP in 1964 for his ongoing resistance to racial injustices in America. He won this award at the age of 35, making him the youngest to ever pursue this honor.
  • MLK jr Assassination

    MLK jr Assassination
    On April 4, 1968 MLK was shot dead in Memphis, TN by a man named James Earl Ray. Ray was sentenced to 99 years in prison without parole however, he died in jail of liver failure at the age of 70. Unfortunately, Martin died young at age 35, imagine what he could've done if was still alive. All I have to say is what an influential man.