Martin luther king

Martin Luther King!

  • Born in:

    Born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States
  • He attended high school

    Martin Luther King, 15 years old, attended Booker T. Washington High School. He left before graduation due to a early acceptance at Atlantas Morehouse College.
  • Segregation on interstate bus travel

    Segregation on interstate bus travel
    In 1946, the U.S supreme court madesegregation a law for interstate bus travel.
  • Freedom riders!

    A group of white and black people called the "Freedom riders" tested the laws of segregation in the south.
  • Minister

    Martin Luther King decided to become minister and deliverd a big speech at his father's church, Ebenzer Baptist Church, in Atlanta aged 18.
  • B.A degree

    As a baptist minister, Martin recived his B.A degree in Sociology from Morehouse college, at the age of 19.
  • Graduate

    Martin graduated from Crozer Theological Seminary with his B.D degree at the age of 22.
  • Wedding

    Martin Luther King married Coretta Scott on the lawn of Coretta's parents house in Marion, Alabama.
  • In charge of church

    Martin became in charge of the Dexter Avenue church in Montgomery, Alabama.
  • Ph.D

    Martin Luther King recived his ph.D in Systematic Theology from Boston university.
  • Montgomery Improvement association

    Montgomery Improvement association
    Martin became involved in the Rosa Parks incodent. The Montgomery Improvement association was organised as a meaning of protest.
  • The Boycott

    The Boycott
    This boycott started when Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat for a white person. This boycott went for a while year and Martin Luther King became the worlds most famous civil rights leader.
  • Bomb

    Martin Luther King's house was bombed, but no one was hurt.
  • Seats!

    Finally, for the first time the Supreme Court alowed black people to legally sit anywhere on the city buses. The public buses were desegregated.
  • SCLC

    A group of worried minister, lawyers ad labour leaders got together and formed a Southern Christian Leadership conference. To gain information to end segregation in their cities.
  • Unexpoded bomb.....

    A unexploded bomb was found on Martin's front porch.
  • First Book

    Martin then published a book called Stride toward freedom: The Montgomery Story. He was almost killed by a strange black women, who stabbed him while he was autographing his new books.
  • Another book!

    Soon Martin published another book called The measure of a man.
  • Arrested

    Martin Luther King was arrested for breasking the state Georgia's trespassing law while picketing. He was transferrd to Reidsville State Prison
  • Testing desegregation

    A group of black people decided to test the laws of desegregation. An integrated group of freedom riders, left Washington DC on Greyhound buses. Upon their arrival near Alabama, the bus was burnt and riders were beaten.
  • Arrested, again!

    Martin Luther King was arrested for making a protest to integrate public facilities when we wasn't alowed to. While in jail, Martin was writing a response to 8 men who critizised him for breaking the law. He said that everyone has waited 340 for God-given's easy for all those who have never felt the stinging darts of segregation to say "wait"
  • No black students

    Govenor George Wallace stood in the door of University of Alabama, rejecting every black student.
  • I have a dream!

    I have a dream!
    After meeting the president John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King deliverd his famous speech, "I have a dream." He spoke in front of about 250,000 at the Lincoln Memorial steps.
  • President Kennedy

    President Kennedy was assassinated.
  • Why we can't wait

    Martin Luther King published another book called "Why we can't wait."
  • Civil rights

    Martin Luther King was at the white house with President Lyndon B. Johnson as he singed the Public Accomodaiton and Fair employment section to the Civil right act of 1964.
  • Nobel Peace Prize

    Nobel Peace Prize
    Martin Luther King recived the Nobel Peace Prize in Olso, Norway.
  • Montgomery March

    Montgomery March
    The Selma to Montgomery March was held until the 25th of March. It had about 25,000 marchers with protection of federal troops.
  • Riots!

    These riots were insane. 43 people died and 324 injured in Detriot Michigan. And 23 dies and 725 were injured in Newark, New Jersey Riots. Martin Luther King along with some other men came out to stop the riots that ended on October 1.
  • Where do we go from here?

    Martin Luther King published his 4th book called "Where do we go from here? Chaos or Community
  • Tennessee

    Martin went to Memphis, Tennessee to lead a march in support of striking sanitation workers.
  • I have been to the mountain top!

    I have been to the mountain top!
    Martin Luther King gave his last speech called "I've been to the mountain top" at the Mason Temple, the national headquaters of the church god in christ, Memphis Tennessee.
  • Martin Luther King passed away

    Martin Luther King passed away
    Martin Luther king died by an assassin's bullet while standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel, Memphis Tennessee.
  • Funeral

    Martin Luther King's funeral was at Ebenzer Baptist Church, Atlanta. He was laid to rest at the South veiw Cemetery. More than 300,000 people marched through Atlanta with his horse drawn-coffin.
  • Martin Luther King day !!

    Martin Luther King day !!
    A national holiday was established by Congress to honour Martin Luther King's body.