Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Birth

    Born in Atlanta, GA
  • Denied a Friend

    Denied a Friend
    When he was 5 years old, he was told he could no longer be friends with a boy he used to play with simply because Martin was black and his friend was white.
  • Moved from bus seats

    Moved from bus seats
    During the trip home from winning an all state speech competition, he and his speech teacher were forced to stand the remaining 90 miles home to Atlanta because two white people had gotten on the bus and there were no other seats.
  • Started at Morehouse College

    Started at Morehouse College
    At age 15, he became a freshman at Morehouse College, an all black college known for high academic standards, in Atlanta.
  • Graduated Morehouse

    Graduated Morehouse
    He graduated Morehouse College at the age of 19 and decides he wants to go to seminary school up north.
  • Begins Crozer Theological Seminary

    Begins Crozer Theological Seminary
    He moves up north and goes to Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester, Pennsylvania.
  • Graduates Crozer Seminary

    Graduates Crozer Seminary
  • Enrolls in Boston University

    Enrolls in Boston University
    He moves to Boston for further graduate study.
  • Marries Coretta Scott

    Marries Coretta Scott
  • Move to Montgomery

    Move to Montgomery
    He and Coretta move to Montgomery, AL so he could be the pastor of a church.
  • Graduates Boston University

    Graduates Boston University
    He recieves his doctorate and becomes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Birth of First Child

    Birth of First Child
    Coretta gave birth to the family's first child, a daughter named Yolanda King.
  • Helps Bus Boycott

    Helps Bus Boycott
    The black community of Montgomery protests the buses after the arrest of Rosa Parks the previous Thursday. Dr. King helped lead it from his church.
  • Elected President of MIA

    Elected President of MIA
    Dr. King was nominated and elected president of Montgomery Improvement Association following the bus boycotts earlier that day.
  • Montgomery House was Bombed

    Montgomery House was Bombed
    After several hateful calls and threats because of leading the bus boycott, Dr. King's house was bomed while he was at church one day.
  • Integrated Montgomery busses

    Integrated Montgomery busses
    He was one of the first group to ride on a Supreme COurt madated integrated bus.
  • Start of Southern Christian Leadership Conference

    Start of Southern Christian Leadership Conference
    Dr. King and other black leaders created the SCLC to continue to fight racism of the South. He was unanimously elected an officer.
  • Stabbed at Book Signing

    Stabbed at Book Signing
    He was signing his book "Stride Toward Freedom" in Harlem when a black woman came up and stabbed him with a sharpened letter opener.
  • Move Back to Atlanta

    Move Back to Atlanta
    The King family leaves Montgomery and moves back to Atlanta where Dr. King rejoins Ebenezer Baptist as his father's assistant.
  • Joins a sit-in

    Joins a sit-in
    Dr. King joins a student sit-in in Atlanta and is then arrested for trepassing.
  • Arrested in Birmingham

    Arrested in Birmingham
    Dr. King is arrested during a protest march through Birmingham and is sent to jail. During the next eleven days is when he writes his famous Letter from Birmingham Jail.
  • I Have a Dream

    I Have a Dream
    Dr. King and hundreds of thousands of other people (black and white) joined at the nation's captiol for a protest march. At Lincoln Memorial that afternoon, he gave his famed "I have a dream" speech.
  • "TIME" Man of the Year

    "TIME" Man of the Year
    He appeared on the cover of "TIME" magazine for Man of the Year.
  • Wins Nobel Peace Prize

    Wins Nobel Peace Prize
    He had made major contirbutiuons towards promoting peace, he was the youngest person to recieve the award.
  • Arrested in Selma, AL

    Arrested in Selma, AL
    Dr. King was arrested in Selma during a protest march to Montgomery to help get blacks a fair opportunity to vote.
  • Moves to Chicago

    Moves to Chicago
    His family moves to a slum in Chicago, IL to help improve the rights of blacks in the nort as well.
  • Led Memphis, TN March

    Led Memphis, TN March
    Dr. King began a march similar to ones he had led in the past for the rights of the poor. But, this march turned violent.
  • Assassinated

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assasinated on the balcony of a hotel in Memphis, TN.