Martin luther king jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Birth

    Martin Luther King Jr., was actually named Michael Jr., his parents were, Michael King Sr. and Alberta King. When Michael Jr., was allowed, he changed his name to Martin. pic: no author. MLK Baby. Blogspot. Web. 19 Apr. 2012
  • MLK is ordained to Baptist ministry and graduated from Morehouse College

    MLK is ordained to Baptist ministry and graduated from Morehouse College
    Martin Luther King Jr., graduated from Morehouse College, and was ordained to the Baptist ministry, at age of 19. He joined his father at Ebenezer since the co-pastor unfortunately died. Although he still had to go to college, it is close to a college job, but it does not pay well. pic: no author. MLK College Graduation. Blogspot. Web. 19 Apr. 2012.
  • Marriage

    He got married to Coretta Scott, who was the younger daughter of Obadiah and Bernice McMurray Scott. They were from Marion, Alabama on June 18th 1952. The marriage ceremony took place on the lawn of Scott's home in Marion. The reverend, King Sr., performed the service, with Mrs. Edythe Bagley. She was the sister of Mrs. King. The best man was Martin Luther King Jrs brother. pic: no author. MLK Wedding Portrait. Blogspot. Web. 19 Apr. 2012.
  • Doctorate of Philosophy

    Doctorate of Philosophy
    Martin Luther King receives a Doctorate of Philosophy in Systematic Theology from Boston University on June 5, 1955.
  • Bus Boycott

    Bus Boycott
    On December 1, 1955, Martin Luther King Jr., joins the bus boycott after Rosa Parks was arrested on December 1, 1955. On December 3, Martin Luther King Jr., was elected president of Montgomery Improvement Association. pic: no author. Rosa Parks on Bus. Blogspot. Web. 19 Apr. 2012.
  • Public Speaking

    Public Speaking
    Martin King Jr., forms the Southern Christian Leadership Conference to fight segregation and achieve civil rights, by speaking 15,000 people in Washington, DC.
  • Jail!

    During Martin King Jr.'s unsuccessful Albany, Georgia movement King was arrested. The reason for King's arrest was that the people in Albany did not support his movement and thought it was a form of treason. Also, his movement 'attacked' others.
  • Jail again!

    Jail again!
    Good Friday wasn't so good for Martin Luther King Jr., since he was arrested, again by Police Commissioner Eugene "Bull" Connor. King was arrested for demonstrating without a permit.
  • I Have a Dream speech

    I Have a Dream speech
    Martin Luther King holds a March on Washington, DC on August 28th. This is the largest civil rights movement in history. Almost 250,000 people attended the event. At the end of the march, he gave his famous I have a dream speech. The speech emphasized equal rights for African Americans.
  • Nobel Peace Prize

    Nobel Peace Prize
    December 10, Martin Luther King Jr., won the Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 35, the youngest in history up to 1964.
  • Jail Time number 3!

    Jail Time number 3!
    On February 2nd, Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested in Selma, Alabama. He was expressing his ideas about African American's right to vote. Officials didn't like this, so they locked him up. Later that year, President Johnson the Voting Rights Act. After that, Martin Luther King Jr. started working on other equality issues.
  • Campaign to End Discrimination

    Campaign to End Discrimination
    Earlier in January Martin Luther King Jr., moved to Chicago to bring attention of the poor people's living conditions. Later, on July 10, Martin starts a campaign to end discrimination on housing, employment, and schools in Chicago.
  • Poor People's Campaign

    Poor People's Campaign
    the Supreme Court upholds a conviction of MLK by a Birmingham court for demonstrating without a permit. He spends 4 days in jail.
    On November 27, King announces the inception of the Poor People's Campaign focusing on jobs and freedom for the poor of all races.
  • March Gone Wrong

    March Gone Wrong
    Martin Luther King Jr. led his first march for a good cause, just to turn violent, which was not on Martin's list of goals to achieve.
  • Shooting

    Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed April 4th 1968. He changed America forever. He was a great leader. African Americans wouldn't have half of the freedoms they have now if he hadn't done what he did.