Marin Luther King Jr.

  • Birth

    Martin Luther King Jr was born a Christian. He got his name from his father, obviously his father's name was Martin Luther King Sr. His mother's name was Alberta Williams. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Period: to

    Martin Luther King Jr's Life

    My timeline on Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Booker T. Washington Highschool

    Booker T. Washington Highschool
    He graduated from Brooker T. Washington High school and was accepted from Morehouse College at age 15. He skipped the 9th and 12th grade and never "formally" graduated highschool. (Date is wrong, not sure of exact date)
  • Morehouse College

    Morehouse College
    He graduated from Morehouse College and enrolled the Crozier Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania. He left with a B.A. degree for sociology and he became the Baptist minister later on.
  • Marriage

    Martin Luther King Jr. married Coretta Scott on his parents' front lawn back at his hometown. They later had four children, three boys and one girl.
  • Dexter Avenue Baptist Church

    Dexter Avenue Baptist Church
    Martin Luther King Jr. became pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Alabama, when he was twenty-five years old in 1954. He began studying at Boston University for some graduate studies. He got his P.h.D. degree as well.
  • Bus Boycott

    Bus Boycott
    Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man, breaking one of the Jim Crow Laws. The bus boycott started there. They started a group and planned and kept this up for 368 days. They later bombed Martin's house and he was also arrested. This action was not only brave, but effective because the Americans later on stopped segregated buses. This allowed the coloured to be able to sit anywhere on the bus without giving up his/her seat.
  • Boycott Victory

    Boycott Victory
    The Supreme Court finally had a law passed that bus segregation was illegal and that Martin's bus boycott had worked. That made Martin Luther King well known and popular! This was important because people looked up to Martin Luther King Jr. and Martin needed their trust in order to be brave and he could soon further stop racial segregation overall.
  • India

    Martin Luther King Jr. visited Mahatma Gandhi's birth place, India. Martin studied Gandhi's acts and beliefs of non-violence and strengthened Martin about his future acts. This inspired Martin and he could then, wisely choose his next step. He chose the path of non-violence and didn't want anyone to get hurt.
  • Restaurants

    Martin went into a sit-in restaurant in Atlanta waiting to be served. He was arrested again, breaking more of the Jim Crow Laws and was sentenced 4 months in prison. People followed what he did, one woman got a cigarette butt burned on her arm, another man got beaten in the restaurant. This action got people into trouble too but the whites had no choice but to stop sit-in restaurant segregation. They threw a few people in jail but they couldn't put everyone in jail.
  • The Birmingham Campaign

    The Birmingham Campaign
    Martin Luther Kng Jr. started The Birmingham campaign after many times getting jailed and many tries to end racial segregation. In the campaign, Martin used non-violent but very confrontal methods, just like Gandhi. They took up spaces, sat in more sit-in restaurants and even did marches to break more Jim Crow Laws.
  • "I have a dream"

    "I have a dream"
    May 10 - Stores, restaurants and schools, all desegregated!
    Aug 18 - Martin Luther King Jr. led a march through Washington and that's where he makes his famous "I have a dream" speech. "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.
    I have a dream today."
    Nov 22 - President Kennedy is assassinated.
  • Nobel Peace Prize

    Nobel Peace Prize
    Martin Luther King Jr. is on the cover of Time magazine as the "Man of the year." He is rewarded the nobel peace prize and he was actually the yongest to be awarded the peace prize. He really deserved that peace prize because his actions were very important to many people in America.
  • Assassination

    Martin led another march for sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennesse. It turned violent, and that was the first time that that had happened. At sunset, Martin Luther King Jr, was shot while standing on his balcony of the motel that he stayed at.