Mark Zuckerberg's Road to Facebook

Timeline created by ihes60
  • Mark Zuckerberg comes to life

    Mark Zuckerberg comes to life
  • Star Wars Bar Mitzvah

    Star Wars Bar Mitzvah
    In 1998, Mark Zuckerberg had a Star Wars themed Bar Mitzvah for his 13th birthday.
  • Harvard

    Mark Zuckerberg got into Harvard University in 2002
  • CourseMatch

    In 2003, Mark created a program called CourseMatch. It helped student choose which classes to choose based on the choices and advise from other users.
  • Harvard Connection

    Harvard Connection
    Three students at Harvard (Divya Narendra and twins, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss) asked him to make a website which helped students at Harvard make relasinships called Harvard Connection, in 2004.
  • Facebook Finally!

    Facebook Finally!
    Mark Zuckerberg made Facebook in his dorm room, at Harvard, on February 4th, 2004.
  • 5.5 Million Users!

    5.5 Million Users!
    By 2005, Facebook had been out for a year and already had 5.5 million users.
  • Sued For Facebook, No, No, No

    Sued For Facebook, No, No, No
    In 2006, he was accused that he stole Divya Narendra Carmeron and Tyler Winklevoss's ideas for Facebook. Those were the same people that had the idea for Harvard Connection.
  • Person of The Year

    Person of The Year
    In 2010, Mark Zuckerberg was elected, Person of The Year by Time Magazine.
  • Public Stock Market

    Public Stock Market
    On May 4th 2012, Facebook went public on the stock market.
  • Fortune 500

    Fortune 500
    In 2013, Mark was on Fortune 500.
  • Trump used Facebook

    Trump used Facebook
    In 2016 Cambridge Analytica was a data group connected to Donald Trump's campaign.
  • Be Banned

    Be Banned
    In 2018, Facebook announced that people abusing Facebook would be banned