Mark zuckerberg and facebook

By cymbas
  • insperation

    zuckerberg begins to write about facebook
  • Period: to


  • facebook launched

    facebook is put out on the internet
  • facebook expands

    March 2004: Facebook expands to MIT, Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern University, Stanford University, Dartmouth College, Columbia University, and Yale University.
  • facebook recives investment

    June 2004: Facebook receives its first investment from Peter Thiel for US$500,000
  • facebook moves its base

    June 2004: Facebook moves its base of operations to Palo Alto, California

    December 30, 2004: Facebook achieves its one millionth registered user
  • more investments but now $13 million

    May 26, 2005: Accel Partners invests $13 million into Facebook.
  • facebook expands a little

    September 2006: Facebook launches a high school version of the website
  • Facebook grows alot!!!

    September 26, 2006: Facebook is open to everyone aged 13 and over, and with a valid email address
  • new places

    Facebook sets up its international headquarters in Dublin, Ireland
  • new stuff added to facebook

    August 2009: Facebook acquires FriendFeed
  • community pages???

    April 19, 2010: Facebook introduces Community Pages, which are Pages that are populated with articles from Wikipedia
  • facebook updates website

    April 21, 2010: Facebook introduces Instant Personalization, starting with Microsoft Docs, Yelp, and Pandora
  • movie movie movie

    October 1, 2010: The Social Network, a film about the beginnings of Facebook directed by David Fincher is released. The film is met with widespread critical acclaim as well as commercial success; however, Mark Zuckerberg says that the film is a largely inaccurate account of what happened.
  • more $$$ invested in facebook

    January 2011: $500 million is invested into Facebook for 1% of the company, placing its worth at $50 billion
  • small changes

    February 2011: Facebook adds new "civil union" option for gay partnerships

    February 2011: Facebook application and content aggregator Pixable estimates that Facebook will host 100 billion photos by summer 2011
  • want to SKYPE

    June 2011: Facebook partners with Skype to add video chat.
  • new timelines added to facebook

    September 22, 2011: Facebook launches new UI Timeline in F8 Convention
  • ipad users now can get facebook

    October 10, 2011: Facebook launches iPad app
  • login changes for facebook users

    December 21, 2011: Facebook log in page changes due to Facebook Timeline addition.
  • new profile interface

    December 22, 2011: Facebook launches its new profile user interface, Facebook Timeline.
  • more money???

    May 2012: Facebook IPO, initial price set at $38 a share, and the stock closed at $38.23 on its first trading day.