Marauders Era Timeline

  • Marlene is born (f)

    • Marlene is born to Ivor and Eugenia McKinnon
    • Marlene is a Virgo
    • She is born into a wealthy house and is technically royalty
    • She lives down the street from the Potters
    • She has a 2 older brothers Matthew (1954) and Mason (1951)
  • Sirius is born

    • Sirius is born to Walburga and Orion Black
    • Sirius is a Scorpio
    • Sirius has a younger brother (Regulus)
  • Lily Evans is Born

    • Lily Evans is born to (unknown parents)
    • Lily is an Aquarius
    • Lily has an older sister (Petunia)
    • Lives in a lower middle class area, she is friends with Snape who lives in her area
    • very close with her sister until shes 10/11
  • Remus is born

    • Remus is born to Hope and Lyall Lupin
    • Remus is a Pisces
  • James Potter is Born

    • James is born to Euphemia and Fleamont Potter
    • James is an Aries
    • very happy childhood, lived near the McKinnons and Pettigrews
    • His parents were elderly and could not have other children so he was super spoiled
    • his family is regarded as blood traitors but technically pureblood
  • Dorcas Meadows is born (f)

    • D is born to (Unknown parents)
    • Dorcas has a younger sister (Elizabeth)
    • Dorcas is an Aries
  • Mary MacDonald is born (f)

    • mary is born to (unknown parents)
    • she has an older sister Marlorie MacDonald (1958) who is a muggle
    • she is a muggle-born -Mary is a Gemini
  • Peter is born (f)

    • Peter is born to (Unknown Parents)
    • Peter is a Leo
  • Regulus is born

    • Regulus is born to Walburga and Orion Black
    • Regulus is a Cancer
    • Regulus has an older brother (Sirius)
  • Remus is bitten (f)

  • Eugenia Jenkins is elected as minister of magic

    Jenkins dealt competently with pure-blood riots during Squib Rights marches in the late sixties but left when voldy rose to power
  • Andromeda and Ted get married

    no one from the black family attends the wedding and she is promptly burned off the family tree (married on a Saturday)
  • Total Lunar Eclipse

  • The Man who Sold the World is released by David Bowie

  • I Feel the Earth Move is released by Carole King

    Lily loved this song
  • Total Lunar Eclipse

  • First Year Schedules (hc)

    Griff sched
    M: Flying (morning), Herbology, Free Period
    T: double potions, Charms, Astronomy
    W: Flying (morning), DADA, Transfiguration
    Th: Charms, Herbology, DADA, Free Period
    F: Tranfiguration, study period must be ina classroom or library, afternoon off
    M: Flying (morning), Double potions
    T: Herbology, DADA, Transfiguration, Free Period
    W: Flying (morning), Charms, Transfiguration
    Th: DADA, herbology, Charms, free period
    F: Charms, study period, afternoon off
  • Sort Ceremony 1st Year

    • James and Sirius both get sorted into Gryffindor and they sit together at the dinner that night
    • after dinner, they are put into their new rooms and S + J meet P and R they instantly hit it off
    • Lily is sad that she and Severus got separated but likes her new roommates: Mary, and Marlene
  • First Full Moon at Hogwarts

    - Remus sneaks out of the dorm to meet Pomfery saying that he has to study and everyone else is weirded out because its the 4th day of school but let it go because he is muggle born
    - The other boys go to sleep
    - James wakes up in the night to see Remus not there
  • James Confronts Remus After First Full Moon (hc)

    • The day after the full moon at breakfast James asks Remus where he was
    • Remus claims he got back late and slept in the common room as to not wake the others
    • James tells him he can just come in next time because it's 'his room too'
    • Sirius notices Remus limping but doesn't mention it because he doesn't want to embarrass him
  • Marlene turns 12

  • James becomes bald (hc)

    Snape charms James to be bald because he is 'too vain about his hair.' Literally heartbreaking for James even though it grows back by the end of the day. Snape admits to it in private but there is no proof however this starts the pranks
  • First Year Quidditch Trials (hc)

    James forces the other boys to come with him to watch the trials and claims that he will 'be on the team next year for sure.'
    Captain: M.G. McGonagall 7(s)
    Chasers: Fabian Fenwick 4, Eliza Mallory 7, Alice Fortescue 7
    Beaters: Maxwell Conway 6, Victoria Randall 2,
    Keeper: Matthew McKinnon 6
    Alternates: Vihaan Talsania 5, Samuel Sholto 3 (left that year)
  • The first prank <3 (hc)

    James and Sirius at the same time decide to get back at Snape for his transgressions against James. James tries to put a dung bomb in Snapes bag at breakfast and Sirius puts a vomiting potion in his pumpkin juice at breakfast. They run into each other under the Slytherin table. They are obviously caught and given detention and Peter has to join them because he tries to excuse their actions. When they get back to the dorm R tells them how stupid the prank was and has a better one ready to go.
  • The call of the Ravens (hc)

    R's first prank involvement, they charmed like 25 small creatures into ravens randomly quoting Edgar Allen Poe and they followed random people around for different intervals (Snape all day). Snapes just happened to be very aggressive and pecked him all day.
    Couldn't be proven to be them but everyone knew
  • Full moon 2

  • Gryffindor vs Slytherin Match (f)

    First game of the season, G wins, everyone attends (including R despite being pretty close to the full) Saturday
  • Full moon 3

  • Sirius turns 12

  • Ravenclaw vs Hufflepuff Match (f)

    Ravenclaw wins, R skips due to the moon but everyone else goes
    Second game of 1st year
  • Full moon 4

  • Hunky Dory by David Bowie is released

  • Gang celebrates Christmas at Hogwarts (hc)

    P gives chocolate to r, 2 posters of muggle bands (who he doesn't know) to s, and candy to j
    J gives books to r, record player to s, and shrinkable chess set to p
    R gives candy to P, Let it Bleed by the Rolling Stones and Abbey Road by the Beatles to S, a book of pick-up lines and Monopoly to J, and chocolate to L
    S gives everyone their favorite candy and matching jackets that say 'trouble makers' (he's a bad gift giver)
  • Christmas Break Year 1 starts

  • Christmas Break Year 1 ends

  • Cows on the roof (hc)

    PJS decide that they want to put cows on the roof but R thinks that's stupid and a little cruel so refuses to help. They do actually get cows up there but S+P are caught out of bed late (J is under the cloak) and are sent to detention. R is not surprised at all but SP are beyond betrayed that J was not caught with them and shuns him for like... 6 hours
    (Monday night)
  • Changes by David Bowie is released

  • Full moon 5

  • Lily turns 12

  • Exile on Main St by the Rolling Stones is released

    S hears a 5th year listening to this in their dorm and immediately falls in love with it and all things rock and roll. Goes back to the dorm to tell the gang about it and is shocked that R already knows what it is and he kinda starts to crush on him a little but more importantly falls in LOVE with being 'punk rock.'
  • Full moon 6

  • Remus turns 12

  • James turns 12

  • Full moon 7

  • The first april fools

    Every students hair was turned red, gold, or a mix. It came out after you washed it (and slept) but no one knew and snape had it in his hair for 4 days before Lily figured it out and told him
  • Dorcas turns 12 (f)

  • Full moon 8

  • All the Young Dudes by Mott and the Hopple is released

    do i need to say it?
  • Mary turns 12 (f)

  • Full moon 9

  • Put Stinky Cheese in Snapes Sock Drawer (hc)

    Snape accused them (specifically James) of doing it but there was no proof and it was thought impossible for students to get into other houses' common rooms let alone dorm other students dorms (they did it with the help of the house elves who P befriended)
  • Dancing in the moonlight by King Harvest is released

    reached no 14 on the uk top 100 in septemeber and that was only half because of mwpp
  • The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars by David Bowie is released

  • Full moon 10

  • First year ends

  • Summer Full Moon

  • Peter turns 12 (f)

  • Summer Full Moon

  • 2nd year schedules

    2nd Year
    Monday: Herbology, DADA, Charms, Free Period
    Tuesday: Transfiguration, (elective), double potions
    Wednesday: Herbology, DADA, Charms, (elective 2)
    Thursday: Transfiguration, (elective), Potions, Free Period
    Friday: Charms,(elective 2) Afternoon off
    James/Sirius/Peter: Astronomy and flying
    Remus: Astronomy and Arithmancy
    Lily: Arithmancy and Magic Theory
    Marlene: Flying and Magic Theory
    Mary: Astronomy and Magic Theory
    Dorcas: Ancient Runes and Flying
  • Year 2 starts

    Regulus is sorted into Slytherin and S is pretty upset but wont say why
    Peter brings a fish names Gus
  • Marlene turns 13 (f)

  • Second Year Quittich Trials (hc)

    Captain: Maxwell Conway 7 (B)
    Chasers: James Potter 2, Fabian Fenwick 5, Sophiana Ridley 3
    Beaters: Victoria Randall 3
    Keeper: Matthew McKinnon 7
    Seeker: Vihaan Yalsania 6 (left the year after)
    Alternates: Sirius Black 2, Lydia Cohen 5
  • Full moon 11

  • Full moon 12

  • Sirius turns 13

  • Full moon 13

  • The gang find out about Remus (hc)

    They figure it out (SJP have been trying to figure out whats p with their friend for like 6 months)
    There is a lot of tension but then they have the convo of how they all have things that are kind of problematic and how if anyone is a danger to the student population its Sirius. (Peter is the one to actually figure it out)
  • No Secrets by Carly Simon is released

    you're so vain is on this album (this was a group favorite for years)
  • Gus (the fish) dies (hc)

    They are all very sad and hold a funeral but its lowkey a miracle it lived as long as it did because it died from being overfed but not before being transfigured 4 times, petrified twice, and almost bitten by R to see if it would turn into a werefish
  • Full moon 14

  • Start of Christmas Break

  • End of Christmas Break yr 2

    S comes back fully beaten up (like black eye, new scars and shit) from his family. Everyone sees it and the gang is very concerned but no one knows what up.
  • Full moon 15

  • Lily turns 13

  • Full moon 16

  • Dark Side of the moon by pink floyd is released

  • Flitwicks room is filled with bananas (hc)

    This one was just kind of stupid but R was in on it so they wouldn't have been caught except J bragged that it was them to L who ratted on him, but no one else admitted it and J said it was just him so he got detention by himself
  • Remus turns 13

  • Full moon 17

  • James turns 13

  • Dorcas turns 13 (f)

  • Aladdin Sane by David Bowie is released

  • Full moon 18

  • Glitter Bomb! (hc)

    Spring-loaded glitter bomb exploded in the conference room during a staff meeting covering every faculty member. Not punished/ caught mostly because Dumbledore found it delightful.
    (Glitterbombs were a new thing that James got for his birthday and he wanted to try them out so bad but R wouldn't let him do it in the dorm)
  • Full moon 19

  • Mary turns 13 (f)

  • Full moon 20

  • 2nd Year ends

  • Summer Full Moon

  • Peter turns 13 (f)

  • Summer Full Moon

  • 3rd year schedules

    3rd Year
    Monday: (elective 1) Transfiguration, Charms, Free Period
    Tuesday: Potions, DADA, (Elective 2) Divination
    Wednesday: Herbology, (elective 1) Charms, Transfiguration
    Thursday: DADA, (elective 2) Herbology, Free Period
    Friday: Potions, Divination, afternoon off
    J: Care of MC and Magic Theory
    P: Care of MC and Alchemy
    R: Ancient Runes and Arithmancy 2
    S: Care of MC and Muggle Studies
    Marlene: Muggle Studies and Magic Theory 2
    Mary: Care of MC and Alchemy
    Lily: Arithmancy 2 and Alchemy
  • Year 3 starts

  • Singing Squid (hc)

    The Giant Squid started singing at random times (all sorts of songs, really whatever song was in its heart) and no one could prove it was the marauders and no one knew how to reverse it so it stayed like that
  • Marlene turns 14 (f)

  • Full Moon 21

  • 3rd Year Quidditch Trials (hc)

    Captain: Fabian Finwick 6 (C)
    Chasers: James Potter 3, Sophiana Ridley 4
    Beaters: Victoria Randall 4, Marlene McKinnon 3
    Keepers: Lydia Cohen 6
    Seeker: Joshua MacMillian 5
    Alternates: Sirius Black 3 Amber Randall 2
  • Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John is released

  • Full Moon 22

  • Full Moon 23

  • The disappearance of Mrs. Norris (hc)

    The marauders drywalled her into a bathroom wall, they were not specifically caught/ it couldn't be proven but Filch for sure knew and hated them for the rest of their school careers
  • Full Moon 24

  • Christmas card (hc)

    James suggests that they send out a family Christmas card after learning about them from Mary, PSR are totally on board and they take a very serious family photo (mimicking a portrait done of the blacks) and they send it out to everyone including their own parent who are all very confused.
  • Start of Christmas Break yr 3

  • End of Christmas Break yr 3

  • Full Moon 25

  • Lily turns 14

  • Run of the Squirrels (hc)

    They release 29 squirrels (numbered 1-31) in the building and create absolute chaos, no one is caught for it because of course no proof. (They were all fairly friendly it was just very odd)
  • Full Moon 26

  • Waterloo by ABBA is realeased

    Lilys first introduction to ABBA (she loves them) (James notices)
  • Full Moon 27

  • Lily figures out about Remus (hc)

    Lily finds out for sure what she has suspected for months, that Remus is a werewolf. However she has the good sense to keep that shit to herself because it is none of her business, but she does start taking 2 sets of notes on full moons because she doubts PJS notes are up to par
  • Remus turns 14

  • The Candy Conundrum

    The boys charmed Dumbledore so that for a week he left hard candies behind him in a trail where ever he went. They were not caught/ punished mostly because D found it delightful though filch was not thrilled for the extra mess
  • James turns 14

  • Dorcas turns 14 (f)

  • Full Moon 28

  • Full Moon 29

  • Mary turns 14

  • Diamond Dogs by David Bowie is released

  • Full Moon 30

  • Partial Lunar Eclipse

  • 3rd Year ends

  • Summer Moon

  • Peter turns 14 (f)

  • Summer Moon

  • Full Moon 31

  • Year 4 starts

  • Marlene turns 15 (f)

  • 4th Year Quidditch Trials (hc)

    Captain: Fabian Finwick 7 (C)
    Chasers: James Potter 4, Sophiana Ridley 5
    Beaters: Sirius Black 4, Marlene McKinnon 4
    Keepers: Victoria Randall 5
    Seeker: Joshua MacMillian 6
    Alternates: Amber Randall 3, Victor Malkin 2
  • Full Moon 32

  • Killer Queen is released in the UK

    this was literally S's favorite song for like... 3 years. This was his shit, it was involved in at least 3 pranks
  • Full Moon 33

    Thursday (Also Halloween)
  • Full Moon 34

  • Total Lunar Eclipse

  • A truly surprising surprise party (hc)

    Threw a surprise birthday party for Remus in class when it was not his birthday (streamers, balloons, Fleetwood Mac playing from seemingly nowhere, Merlin Impersonator, and a mine)
    (was to cheer R up after a particularly hard moon)
    R: I will admit I was surprised
  • Crime of the Century is released by Supertramp

    big hit in the uk and hit no 4 on the hot 100
    this brought mwpp's attention to this album and it quickly became a favorite of all of them (specifically p)
  • Marauders Christmas Card goes out (year 4) (hc)

    They take a family photo which includes Lilys cat felix which Lily is pissed about
  • start of christmas break yr 4

    S is not invited home for the break so he stays at school despite James suggestion he come home with him. R stays because there is a winter moon and that cant be really handled well at home (they might share a drunken kiss who knows)
  • Winter Break Moon

  • End of Christmas Break yr 4

  • Full Moon 35

  • Lily turns 15

  • Young Americans by David Bowie is released

    Sufferagete city
  • Full Moon 36

  • Remus turns 15

  • Full Moon 37

  • James turns 15

  • Dorcas turns 15 (f)

  • ABBA by ABBA is released

    Includes SOS, Mama Mia, and I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
  • Full Moon 38

  • Mary turns 15 (f)

  • Full Moon 39

  • Full Moon 40

  • 4th year ends

  • Summer Moon

  • Peter turns 15 (f)

  • Sirius runs away to the Potters (f)

    Sirius shows up at James house covered in blood and literally on the verge of death. James had begged S to come to his place dozens of times but everyone was shocked to find him there. S tried to convince Reg to come with him but he told him he couldn't but he understood why he had to leave. Took the night bus. E+F immediately adopted him and already had a room that he sometimes stayed in. They decorated it for him the next week.
  • Summer Moon

  • Year 5 starts

  • Marlene turns 16 (f)

  • 5th Year Quidditch Trials (hc)

    Captain: Joshua MacMillian 7 (s)
    Chasers: James Potter 5, Sophiana Ridley 6, Victor Malkin 3 (left the next year)
    Beaters: Sirius Black 5 (until prank) then, Victoria Randall 6, Marlene McKinnon 5
    Keepers: Victoria Randall 6 until prank then Amber Randall 4
    Alternates: Declan O’Connor 2, Margret Gairola 3, Amber Randall 4 until prank
  • Full Moon 41

  • Full Moon 42

  • Harold Minchum is elected as minister of magic

    He was supposed to be a super competent person but ended up being terrible at his job and corruption festered
  • Full Moon 43

  • Total Lunar Eclipse

  • Crisis? What Crisis? by Supertramp is released in the UK

    another big hit for mwpp
    sister moonshine, another man's woman, poor boy, and two of us
  • Full Moon 44

  • Start of Christmas Break yr 5

    S thinks that he is going to stay at school for the break but J is like "mom is gonna be pissed if you don't come home."
  • Sirius's first real christmas (f)

    he gets lots of presents and one anonymous one from Reg. he is really happy and he calls E mom for the first time, they both cry
  • End of Christmas Break yr 5

  • Full Moon 45

  • Station to Station by David Bowie is released

  • Lily Turns 16

  • Valentines Party (marlenes outed) (hc)

    There is a rager becuase its an excuse to have a party and its a SATURDAY! Some 7th year tries to hook up with Marlene and won't take no for an answer and she finally gets away bc her friends defend her, his friend (LOUDLY) announces that its not his fault because she a d**** anyways. Marlene is shocked and is like 'how did you know' and he's like 'im not an idiot, 5 years here and you haven't even kiss a bloke? plus you're on the quidditch team? and everyone knows that you look at Dorcas' ass'
  • Full Moon 46

  • Period: to

    56 guys ask Snape out (hc)

    Snape makes some homophobic comments about Marlene (who got outed) so the marauders' bribe/ convince 56 guys to ask him out for a week.
  • Hotel California by The Eagles is released

    S likes it cause rock and roll and so does J because he thinks it fun
  • Remus turns 16

  • Full Moon 47

  • James turns 16

  • Dorcas turns 16 (f)

  • Full Moon 48

    Wednesday/ the prank (fanon date)
  • Aftermath of The Prank (fanon date)

    im not even gonna write about it cause it'll make me cry. anyways. moving on.
  • Full Moon 49

  • Snapes worst memory

    despite the fact that they were not talking anymore the mars hear snape saying some shit about remus and spreading 'rumors' that he is a werewolf. they immediately decide they need to put a stop to that shit, snapes worst memory ensues. Snape had already told lily that r is a werewolf but L played dumb, however after hearing him call her a literal slur she is over his shit and friend dumps him.
  • Mary turns 16 (f)

  • Full Moon 50

  • 5th year ends

    Sirius writes R apology letters literally every day of the summer, J ignores him the whole summer. E talks to S and tells him that he needs to make amends and it might take a while but he is not irredeemable. E+F are very sad to see their boys fighting.
  • Summer Moon

  • Peter turns 16 (f)

  • Summer Moon

  • Arrival by ABBA is realeased

    Dancing Queen is on the album and it quickly becomes Lily, Dorcas, and Sirius's favorite song
  • Year 6 starts

  • Full Moon 51

  • Marlene turns 17 (f)

  • 6th Year Quidditch Trials (hc)

    Captain: Victoria Randall 7 (b)
    Chasers: James Potter 6, Declan O’Connor 3, Sophiana Ridley 7
    Beaters: Marlene McKinnon 6
    Keepers: Amber Randall 5
    Seeker: Margret Gairola 4
    Alternate: Aarav Sharma 3, Lila Kent 2 (left the next year)
  • Singing Squid Stops (hc)

    For McGonagalls birthday they finally stop the enchantment that made the giant squid sing, she was very pleased with her gift.
  • Full Moon 52

  • Full Moon 53

  • Full Moon 54

  • Filled McGonagall's office and classroom with catnip

    S joked about it being a 'nippy' morning, James talked about things needing to be nipped in the bud. They made cat puns all day (Peter too) and by the time class had come around (its a friday) R was about ready to turn them in. But McGonagall wasn't even there... she had to take a leave because she was so fucking high and R thought that was hilarious. They never got caught but they did have to study in a classroom full of slytherins for that class period which they all viewed as a punishment.
  • christmas break yr 6

  • Potters New Years Party (f)

    JSEP host and marlene and peter are there (ofc) but L makes a surprise appearance claiming that she was going to come visit Marlene anyways. J nearly faints
    (secret jily new years kiss)
  • End of Christmas Break yr 6

  • Full Moon 55

  • Low by David Bowie is released

  • Alphard Black dies (f)

    He dies and leaves his fortune to S, who finds out and is kinda sad that one of the 3 family members that might not murder him on sight has died, but he realizes that he is rich again and he's pretty happy about that.
  • Lily turns 17

  • Full Moon 56

  • Rumors by Fleetwood Mac released

    this was R's favorite album of all time, had some iconic hits like dreams, the chain, go your own way and landslide
  • Rumors by Fleetwoodmac is released

    Lily loves this ablum and its a guilty pleasure of Remus
  • Full Moon 57

  • Remus turns 17

  • James turns 17

  • The Great Portkey Fiasco of 1977 (hc)

    All door knobs, quills, forks, serving spoons, individual pieces of candy, and left shoelaces turned into a portkey to somewhere in the school known as their best April fools prank
  • Dorcas turns 17 (f)

  • Full Moon 58

  • The Clash is released by The Clash

    sirius likes this album alot because it makes him feel very punk rock but remus thinks it just makes him basic
  • Even In The Quietest Moments by Supertramp is released in the UK

    give a little bit, lover boy
  • Full Moon 59

  • The Slaying of Sirius Black (hc)

    James fake murdered Sirius in the dining hall (very elaborate) and for the rest of the year they referred to Sirius as if he were a ghost (This is very annoying to L)
  • Mary turns 17 (f)

  • Full Moon 60

  • Time's Up by the Buzzcocks is released

    Another S favorite, very punk rock, S, R, Marlene, and Dorcas all go to a concert of theirs that summer (dates tbd)
  • 6th year ends

  • Summer Moon

  • Summer Moon

  • Peter turns 17 (f)

  • Summer Moon

  • 1977 Sorting Shock (hc)

    Marauders charm the sorting hat to speak only in Swahili, all four of them are given the 'earliest detentions in Hogwarts history'
  • year 7 starts

  • Petunia and Vernon get married

    Lily is so upset that petunia planned her wedding for right after she had left for school. Petunia has spent the summer planning her wedding and told Lily that she did not want her involved at all.
  • 7th Year Quidditch Trials (hc)

    J is freaked out to be hosting and M gives him all sorts of shit for it, J offers S a spot on the team but S declines
    Captain: James Potter 7 (c)
    Chasers: Declan O’Connor 4, Magret Gaiola 5
    Beaters: Marlene McKinnon 7, Aarav Sharma 4
    Keepers: Amber Randall 6
    Seeker: Elijah Hughes 3
    Alternate: Eliana Hughes 3, Selma Shafiq 2
  • Full Moon 61

  • The Stranger by Billy Joel is released

    This is the marauders' SHIT
    The song only the good die young is on this album and it is their song
    They at one point in the year charm all of the owls to sing 'only the good die young
    (Also has Movin' Out which S unironically listens to a lot)
  • Full Moon 62

  • 'Nevermind the Bollocks' by the Sex Pistols is Released

    S loves the album and P likes is quite a bit too, J cannot get into it at all and L hates it
  • Sirius turns 18

  • Saturday Night Fever by the Bee Gee's is released

    peak disco core, all the girls loved this (minus D) and J was also super into it
    Stayin Alive was an iconic war anthem
  • Full Moon 63

  • Saturday Night Fever (the movie) came out

    everyone watched this movie together
  • gryffindor girls wrapping room (hc)

    The marauders break into LMM's dorm and wrap everything they own as a 'Christams gift'
  • Start of christmas break yr 7

  • Winter Break Moon

    Sunday (also christmas)
  • End of Christmas Break yr 7

  • Out of the Blue by Electric Light Orchestra is released in the UK

    Mr. Blue Sky
    J/L loved this album and this song (song of early H childhood)
  • Full Moon 64

  • Lily turns 18

  • Full Moon 65

  • Remus turns 18

  • Full Moon 66

  • James turns 18

  • The Day of Anxiety (f)

    april fools but no pranks were pulled because they wanted to save the big finish for the end of the year but the lack of action sent 3 people to the infirmary for anxiety attacks and mcgongall actually yelled at them for that
  • Dorcas turns 18 (f)

  • Full Moon 67

  • Full Moon 68

  • Mary turns 18 (f)

  • Last Full Moon at Hogwarts

  • The gang watches grease (hc)

    • Li hears about Grease from a friend shes writing to at home
    • L tells M and D about it and they decide that they want to go watch it so they decide to sneak off ground to go watch it
    • r catches them when he's 'on rounds' (planning for a prank and being followed by JSP in the cloak)
    • guys decide they want to go with them to watch at a nearby cinema
    • JSPM are all shocked by how cool movies are
    • J sings hopelessly devoted to you for 3 days until L treathens to hex him so he sings to S
  • 7th year ends

  • First Full Moon not at Hogwarts

  • Peter turns 18 (f)

  • Full Moon

  • Full Moon

  • Total Lunar Eclipse

  • Heros by David Bowie is released

  • Full Moon

  • Full Moon

  • Full Moon

  • Full Moon

  • Lily turns 19

  • Full Moon

  • Remus turns 19

  • Partial Lunar Eclipse

  • Full Moon

  • James turns 19

  • Dorcas turns 19 (f)

  • Breakfast in America (album) by Supertramp was released

    Goodbye Stranger, Breakfast in America, Oh Darling, The Logical Song
  • Full Moon

  • Full Moon

  • Mary turn 19 (f)

  • Ledger by David Bowie is released

  • Full Moon

  • Full Moon

  • Highway to Hell by AC/DC is released

    Sirius loses his shit when he finds out (he loves AC/DC)
  • Peter turns 19 (f)

  • Full Moon

  • 'Off the Wall' by Micheal Jackson was released

    This is Dorcas shit, and Marlene also really likes it, R is a fan too but P doesn't get it
    Jacksons first solo album
  • Full Moon

  • Orion Black dies

  • Full Moon

  • Full Moon

  • Lily finds out shes pregnant (hc)

    Lily freaks out and tell Marlene who also freaks out and tells mary who is excited but a little nervous
    They surprise james who promptly faints and S is so excited but also terrified
    P and R have normal reactions
    D is happy for them but also concerned bc... war
  • Full Moon

  • Regulus Black dies

    Regulus and Kreacher go to the cave late and Reg sacrifices himself tor Kreacher after destroying the original horcrux
  • Full Moon

  • Lily turns 20

  • Full Moon

  • Full Moon

  • Full Moon

  • Remus turns 20

  • James turns 20

  • Full Moon

  • Dorcas turns 20 (f)

    Last birthday
  • Full Moon

  • Mary turns 20 (f)

  • Full Moon

  • Full Moon

  • Full Moon

    J wasn't there bc L was very pregnant
  • Neville Longbottom is born

  • Harry Potter Born

    • Harry is a Leo
  • Peter turns 20 (f)

  • Full Moon

  • Scary Monsters by David Bowie is released

  • Full Moon

  • Full Moon

  • 9 to 5 the song is released

  • Millicent Bagnold

    The minister right before Fudge saw an end to the first war even though she did break some laws to do it (slay queen)
  • Period: to

    Potters in hiding (f?)

    we don't actaully know how long so fanon I guess but like... its probs something in the area
  • Full Moon

  • 9 to 5 the movie is released

  • Full Moon

  • Full Moon

  • Lily turns 21

  • Remus turns 21

  • Full Moon

  • James turns 21

  • Full Moon

  • Full Moon

  • Mary turns 21 (f)

  • Full Moon

    J wasnt there because LJH were in hiding
  • Marlene is killed

    Tav Travers, Dirk Gibbon, Cuthburt Selwyn, Thorfinn Rowle, Piers Jugson, Corban Yaxley, and Wulfric Mulciber were sent to the estate while other supporters were sent to Diagon Alley to wreak havoc, effectively creating a diversion. The entire McKinnon family is murdered except for her sister-in-law and her niece who escaped the chaos.
  • Full Moon

    J wasnt there because LJH were in hiding
  • Peter turns 21 (f)

  • Dorcas kills Cuthburt Selwyn

    selwyn is the one who did the final shot to marlene so dorcas hunted him down, and while she was spying on them heard him admit it. She killed him later that night before moving onto her next target: voldemort
  • Dorcas is murdered (hc)

    After malenes death dorcas completely lost it and she went on kind of a rampage where she decided that she personally was going to end the war or die trying. (very slay of her) she made the decision that she was going to avenge M's death and she killed several of the people involved in marlenes death
  • Full Moon

    J wasnt there because LJH were in hiding
  • Full Moon

    J wasnt there because LJH were in hiding
  • Full Moon

    J couldn't be there because they were in hiding
  • Secret Keeper changes from S to P (fanon date)

  • James and Lily Potter Killed

  • First Moon without PPW

  • Mary turns 22

  • walburga black dies