Manitoba Resistance and Rebellion

  • Ruperts Land is purchaced by Canada

    The Canadians purchace Ruperts Land and this angers the Metis who start a rebellion against the Canadians.
  • Armed Metis Stop Surveyors

    They demand to know what they are doing, and prevent them from continuing
  • Thomas Scott is Killed

    And the English were furious so they began to attack.
  • Creation of the Manitoba Act

    Which showed the rights of the Metis(and made Manitoba a province
    area of land for metis only
    french and english would be used in both the court and the government
    people who were in the resistance were pardoned. this didn't happen.
    two publicly funded school systems one catholic and one protestant
  • A group of Metis travel to the states to bring Reil back to Canada

    In an attempt to gain back the rights they had taken away.
    they felt they needed their leeader back
  • the Metis defeat the police at Duck Lake

    And take it back.
    the police were unprepared there weren't many of them.
  • Metis And Cree people surrender

    they give up, and the Canadians take the land for themselves.
    the metis out of ammo and resourses.