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Mandatory Timeline

  • The Arrival

    The Arrival
    After fleeing their creators for milennia, the intergalactic refugees known laer as the Shimin arrived in our galaxy and settled an unkown planet.
  • Discovery of First Alien Races

    Discovery of First Alien Races
    They are all aggresive :(
  • Discovery of the Shimanagashimin

    Discovery of the Shimanagashimin
    Words of Wisdom exchanged on first diplomatic contact with the Shimanagashimin. We will now refer to these as the Shimin because that name is too long for Standard Services Alien Naming Convention.
  • Zoldiore Incident

    Zoldiore Incident
    A drunk Construction ship from the Shimi descided to put a frontier outpost on a system which was in the process of being converted to anime by the pro-active care-takers.
    After a fleet exercise and a desparate scramble by the caretakers to take the planet the incident was resolved without further conflict.
    However deep losses in anime wallpapers were taken, to the point that a k-on episode had to be delayed to allow more computing resssources to manage the invasion.
  • Chergamore Incident

    Chergamore Incident
    THe Vespuccian Empire descided it would be wise to start pissing everyone around off, starting with the Shimin, by putting up a frontier outpost in Chergamore.
    Everyone shrugged and went about their day.
  • Defensive Pacts Signed

    Defensive Pacts Signed
    TEMP : With Khell and Eden
  • Enigmatic Warning

  • Period: to

    MAS prepares for War

    All anime channels have been switched from slice-of-life to military sci-fi
  • Mandatory Side Project Unveiled

    Takeover of 8 systems.
  • Period: to

    MAS Khell Preventive Defensive War

    Due to the complete lack of culture displayed by the Hive mind only known as Unknown Antagonist a war was inevitable.
    The MAS-Khell combined forces quickly flushed into the UA systems in response to an act of aggression... according to the MAS.
  • Period: to

    Surprise Attack of Havo

  • Shimin discover that they have a ruler

    Shimin discover that they have a ruler
    At one point the Shimin warships, while taking a bath, noticed that the symbol of one of their own, Suido, was on all the buckets.
    Upon investigating, to the surprise of everyone, including Suido herself, it turns out she was the head explorer, ruler of the Shimin.
    The MAS is still curious about how she became ruler, how everyone forgot about it and HOW THE DAMN GOVERNMENT WORKED SINCE THEY DID.
  • Battle of Ojilar

    Battle of Ojilar
    Turning point of the Havo war,
    This battle and the following victories, were mostly attributed to the clever usage of raiding crafts on unprotected enemy worlds.
    These raids forced the enemy admiralty to divide their forces to defend their home territories, for fear that they might be affected by all the moe atwork dropping from the sky.
    Even better most of the services actually wanted to get rid of all this moe, so it was cheap as well !
  • Period: to

    Second Havo Surprise Attack

  • Unlikely Deal

    Unlikely Deal
    A pact is agreed upon between the MAS and the Shimin to "take care" of the encroaching Vespuccian empire in exchange of minerals.
    Vespucci has been getting on the nerves of the Shimin repeatedly since the Chergamore incident. Despite not liking either side, the MAS always thinks priority first. I mean, spreading anime AND getting paid for it ?
  • Sanctuary Trap

    Sanctuary Trap
  • The Uncanny Offering

    The Uncanny Offering
    Noticing that the Shimin was only good for small scale parades, the Husko Forerunners were kind enough to give them some spare ships.
    However as these ships were completely obedient and devoid of personality this caused an uncanny valley effect. As such debates have been raging for weeks as to what to do about these.
    The conclusion was that they should be infused with Shimin personalities.
  • The Mandatory Vaccinations

    The Mandatory Vaccinations
    Dealing more with fallen empire than anyone else, the Shimin managed to catch the attention of the Continuity.
    For some reason they now need to be vaccinated against aggressiveness.
    Given that the Shimin have not been in a single war for 58 years, nor have any unrest whatsoever, one wonders what they were really vaccinated against.
  • Automated Anime Crusade is Born

    Automated Anime Crusade is Born
    The Great crusade has begun !
  • Period: to

    Great Syndicate - Gandar Suk War

    Hirarchy of Gandar Suk and Khell vs Syndicate, Imari, Kalaxenan.
    Diplomacy failed and war was inevitable.
    Both sides failed so miserably though that the only result was that no one had a fleet to fight the Unknown Threat.
  • The Worm in Waiting...

    The Worm in Waiting...
    Again the Shimin catch the attention of some great foreign power, this time the Worm-in-Waiting.
  • The Foundling Arrived

    The Foundling Arrived
  • State of the Galaxy

    State of the Galaxy
  • Period: to

    Liberation of the Tumbatur Hegemony

  • Period: to

    humm WTF War

    On the fateful day of October the 4th 2275 most of the Southern powers, including Saathar, Canthari, UT, Imari and the United Syndicates decided to go to war with one another.
    This made sense as many had difficult diplomatic relations with one another, mostly due to numerous border incidents and past wars.
    What did NOT make sense is how the various sides were arranged. In fact, compared to the past wars, it looks like half the nations on each side switched while keeping current relationships.
  • Evangelions Deployed

    Evangelions Deployed
    The AAC has decided that there were just too many moody organic teenagers. So it was decided, a suggestion of the evangelion channel, that they should be put into massive semi-organic mechs. The most problematic children were then sent out into battle, with a hud overlay.
    As these mechs are heavily armed and supported so there are few casualties. An added benefit, for other channels, was that they could also put all the mecha otakus in there, thus increasing their relative share of viewers.
  • The Great Backstab

    The Great Backstab
    After nearly a century of cooperation and friendship The AAC had to declare war on the Khell royal holdings.
    As is custom in some anime, especially gundam, the AAC leadership called the Khell king on the phone while ordering the invasion. The AAC then gave a long philosophical explanation as to exactly why and how Khell was being backstabbed even though they were their longest, if not only, "friends".
  • State of the Galaxy

    State of the Galaxy
  • Period: to

    The Great Wars

    As the AAC annexed one nation after another, the remaining forces allied themselves against the growing threat. Except they did so in two different federations...
    So the AAC stomped each federation one at the time. Diplomatic failures aside this war resulted in a great loss in both manpower and fleet in the galactic South as almost all their forces were destroyed.
  • State of the Galaxy

    State of the Galaxy
  • Liberation of Sanctuary

  • Shimin accidentally commit genocide

    Shimin accidentally commit genocide
    A small kingdom, the Shimin and the AAC met above a captured planet belonging to the Canthari authority. As the AAC, who at the time had the largest fleet, went about effectivly dissecting the enemy, the Shimin mentioned that they to would like some.So, their ship-leader resoned, how about we dont subjugate some planets, as our constitution forbids it, but just ask them to leave.
    Except that making the civilians leave effectively meant that they drifted in outer space until they all died.
  • State of the Galaxy

    State of the Galaxy
  • Shimin finish Ring-World

    Shimin finish Ring-World
    Then they descided that now that the whole system was in one place it could more easily b mined by a space-based refinery...
  • The Take-Away Conquests

    The Take-Away Conquests
    The AAC decided that the shortest way to retreat from the last conquest was through Saathar territory. While passing through there the Admiral also decided to invade them on the way home because why not ?
  • Period: to

    The Contigency Crisis

  • W.E.W.T.S.

    The Wewts, short for when everything went to shit, is the time when the events that would screw the entire galaxy happened.
    A couple of months prior the Ancient Reclaimers made their intentions of taking back the galaxy known, then an ancient AI protocol decided to sterilise the galaxy, at which point a group of ancient machines decided to also go on a genocidal killing spree.
    Wewts is quite appropriate.
    Although in the AAC everyone is still primarily interested in next week's episode.
  • State of the Galaxy

    State of the Galaxy
  • State of the Galaxy

    State of the Galaxy
  • Battle of Targon

    Battle of Targon
  • Period: to

    Admiral Corvette Battles above Remnants of SH 2

    An Obscure Admiral-Channel,Admiral Corvette, of the AAC battles unarmed Contingency Remnants in Targon. The fighting was so fierce it would last for years.
    Admiral Corvette was an interesting character, even by AAC channel standards. Grandiose and flamboyant he somehow managed to create his own class of limited-edition corvettes named after him.Additionally even more interestingly, unlike other channels he enjoys watching anime more than making others watch it.
  • State of the Galaxy

    State of the Galaxy
  • End of the Khell Royal Holdings

    End of the Khell Royal Holdings
    After a long period of Decline, Khell royal Holdings were finally dissolved.
  • The Cybrex Return

  • Battle of Havra

    Battle of Havra
    Thanks to the brilliant maneuvers devised by Admiral Corvette, the Combined battle fleets of AAC and the Shimin were capable of destroying yet another sterilisation hub. Admiral Corvette was so sure that his battle-plan would succeed he decided he didn't even need to oversee its implementation.Instead he continued to fight the good fight against Contingency Remnants in Targon.
  • Period: to

    The Galactic Scramble

  • State of the Galaxy

  • Radical Shift Whithin the Shimin

    Because being pacifist is no longer cool.
  • Bruggan Reclaimers commit Senpokku

    Realising that their doom has been spelled, Bruggan reclaimers decided to end their empire in a blaze of glory.... by sending their only real fleet in a suicide attack against a contingency sterilisation swarm. They shall surely be remembered.
    Though not by the Cartographers.
  • Drunk Cartographers

    Drunk Cartographers
    The Cartographers, a mysterious guild of aliens, whose appearance is similar to that of the Shimin, apparently gave up on the constantly changing borders.
    Since the Galactic Scramble began between the Shimin and the AAC borders literally changed every week, forcing the Cartographers into releasing weekly issues.
    So multiple times they had to add some random system to one of the large empires on Friday night... while drunk.
    However the Cartographers words are law, creating the strangest borders.
  • The Archivists are Saved

    The Archivists are Saved
    A clerical error by a Shimin intern in the Fallen Empires Planetary Recovery Program (FEPRP) caused the Shimins to not annex one planet in Archivist space.
    This little detail was only noticed months after the invasion when a Shimin government official looked at the newest edition of "The Galactic Map" by the mysterious Cartographers.
    Thus despite a resounding defeat the archivists would live on.
  • State of the Galaxy

    State of the Galaxy
  • Period: to


    aka the Shimin put galactic wonders EVERYWHERE.
    Like literally.
    And of all sorts.
    This era eventually ends a millennia later when all resources in the galaxy have been used up making used up making weird planet sized "artwork".