Making an Ultranet Staffroom

  • The first example of an Ultranet Staffroom I've seen.

    The first example of an Ultranet Staffroom I've seen.
    Prior to this, I had spoken to Trevor about making a space and how useful it could be, but I had never seen one. This got me excited about all the possibilities.
  • Period: to

    Making an Ultranet Staffroom

    The journey, so far, in creating an Ultranet Staffroom.
  • Trevor starts an Ultranet Staffroom space.

  • The Staffroom is started.

    The Staffroom is started.
    This is the first day I actually started to make the staffroom. I made a Design Space and started thinking about what we, at BNWPS, would need in our space.
  • The begins to take shape

    The begins to take shape
    Reports are now finished, so I can concentrate on fun things! I've planned out the space, how many pages are needed and what will be on them. I've used Ultranet tools for particular purposes, but surely there are better options out there... What about all the Web 2.0 Tools Wendy mentioned on our PD?
  • Web 2.0 Tools are added.

    Web 2.0 Tools are added.
    I research recommended Web 2.0 tools. I use bubbl.us to list good websites and what the tools are handy for.
  • Adding Web 2.0 Tools

    Adding Web 2.0 Tools
    I start adding tools to the staffroom space; either as examples of Web 2.0 Tools (like this one - I got a little excited) or as practical parts to our new staffroom space. I add Vokis, Wikis, wallwishers, glogsters, blabberizer, prezis and a tagxedo word cloud.
  • More Web 2.0!

    More Web 2.0!
    Then I started playing with bitstrips and couldn't help but add a comic example!
  • The journey will continue

    The journey will continue
    Now I'm adding this timeline, but really, the line needs to continue. I still want to add a wiki (as a practical tool) to the staffroom; there are some more tools to publish as examples and then we all need to make the transition to an online staffroom. But it will happen and I'm honestly excited about it.