Major Events Surrounding the Gold Rush

  • Discovery in Delonegha

    Benjamin Parks discovered gold in north Georgia
  • Branch Mint

    The U.S. government formed a branch mint at Dahlonega in 1835. It made $6 million in gold coins, before it closed in 1861. The branch mint eventually became the part of North Georgia College.
  • Tragedy

    The Gold rush may have seemed like a fortunate thing, however, it was one of the major reasons behind the removal of Cherokee Indians in 1838.
  • Another Discovery

    James Marshall was working hard in California to build a water pump. While in the river, he discovered something, which turned out to be gold.
  • Reports on Gold are not believed

    A local newspaper heard about James's discovery and reported it. Many people in the area were not convinced.
  • Beginning of the Gold Rush

    James tried to keep his discovery a secret, however the word quickly spread. By August, there were about 4000 mines around the area.
  • 49'ers

    By 1849, people from all over the world came to find gold to get rich.
  • Government Formed

    In June, 1849, the lands were busy and tight because of so many people arriving at once. The people tried to set up a government to rule the land.
  • San Francisco

    By December, 1849, San Francisco became the main city for the gold mining towns. Businesses multiplied all over the place to make room for all of the gold miners.
  • Compromise

    In January, 1850, The Compromise of 1850 was passed around the time of the Gold Rush. This Compromise made California an official state, free from slavery.
  • Gold goes away

    By the middle of 1850, most of the gold on the surface was taken. However, men kept coming hoping to find something.
  • Capitol Dome

    In 1958, forty-three ounces of Dahlonega gold were delivered to Atlanta to be used on the Capitol dome.