Main Events of World War One 1914 - 1918

  • Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

    Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
    Arch duke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Duchess Sophie were assinated at point blank range, They were in the Balkan Provinance of Bosnia, Savajero, the assassins name was Gavrilo Princip.
  • Austria Hungary declares war on Serbia

    Austria Hungary declares war on Serbia
    After Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, Austria Hungary declared war on Serbia.
  • Start of World War One

    Start of World War One
    Britain declared war on Germany
  • Australians in Egypt

    Australians in Egypt
    During this time, Australian troops were meant in stop at france or the middle east for six weeks of training, but Turkey had been declared an ally to Germany so the British, in charge of the Australians had to change plans to train in Egypt
  • Britain Bombarded the Dardenelles

    Britain Bombarded the Dardenelles
    Winston Churchill suggested to bomb the enemy location before they landed, but little did he know that after the raid, the Turkish now knew where they were landing and increased men and guns on that side.
  • 2nd battle of Ypres

    2nd battle of Ypres
    In this battle it was the first time that Germans used poison gas on a very large area. Canadian forces managed to push the major German force back on to European soil.
  • ANZACS landed at Gallipoli

    ANZACS landed at Gallipoli
    On this day the ANZACS landed at Gallipoli and were servely slaughtered as they stepped foot on the beach. 620 Australian and New Zealand men died on this day.
  • Battle of Lone Pine

    Battle of Lone Pine
    The battle of Lone Pine took place between the 6th - 10th of August, Australian soldiers took control of a Turkish trench that was covered as extra defence and protection, the Australians managed to capture several other Turkish trenches over the 4 days.
  • Battle of the Nek

    Battle of the Nek
    This battle was fought on a very small battlefield, the size of a tennis court. This battles reulted in a lot of casualties for the Australians. This battle was classified as a suicidal mission.
  • Allies Retreat from Gallipoli

    Allies Retreat from Gallipoli
    The first of troops were recalled,this was carried out over 11 days, Allied forces initiated a full retreat from the gallipoli peninsula, this was carried out each night and resulted in very minimal casualties.
  • Battle of Somme

    Battle of Somme
    This was symbolised as the horrors of trench warfare in WW1. The British facedmuch criticism about the huge number of casulties in this battle. In the first day alone, the British army sees 60 000 casulties had 420 000 in total.
  • Battle of Fromelles

    Battle of Fromelles
    Took place on the 19th - 20th July 1916
    This was the first major battle that the Australians faught on the Western front, 1,500 British and 5,533 Australian soldiers were killed.
  • 1st Referendum for Conscription

    1st Referendum for Conscription
    Due to the limited number of men joining the millitary Prime Minister Billy Hughes held a referendum to let the people decide whether conscription should be enforced. very close vote, but conscription was then declined.
  • U.S.A declares war on Germany

    U.S.A declares war on Germany
    Prior to 1915, 120 Americans were killed when German submarines sunk the Lusitania, one year later the Sussex was sunk by German u-boats, Americans were outraged. not until 1917 were diplomatic agreements with Germany shattered when the Americans discovered Germany was provoking Mexico and Japan to attack the United States.
  • Battle of Passchendaele

    Battle of Passchendaele
    Referred to as the third battle of Ypres, this battle was nicknamed 'Battle of Mud'. on the 31st of July the allies started the infantry attack on the Germans, this was then followed by the main assualt led by Sir Hubert Gough's men. During August heavy rain was seen for the first time in thirty years and made it difficult to walk or attack in trenches because of the mud. Mustard gas was used by the Germans as a last resort to try and drive the allies back, This was a failed attempt.
  • 2nd Referendum for Conscription

    2nd Referendum for Conscription
    Prime Minister Billy Hughes again tried to enforce conscription with anoth referendum, resulting in same as the previous, "No" won and conscription was once again declined. Conscription overseas was never introduced.
  • Australian and British forces drive Germans back from Villers-Bretonnuex

    Australian and British forces drive Germans back from Villers-Bretonnuex
    Australian and British forces attacked Villers-Bretonnuex, their plan was simple to attack from two different sides. Australians came in from accross hill 104, while British attacked from the north west. This lead to great success with Germans being flushed out of Viller-Bretonnuex. This was the first time German tanks were used in battle.
  • Germany Signs an Armistice - Official end of WW1

    Germany Signs an Armistice - Official end of WW1
    Germany signs an Armistice to officially end World War One