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Gallipoli Campaign

  • Australia takes the place to help Britain in the War

    Australia takes the place to help Britain in the War
    Australian Federal government decides that if a war occurs they would offer Britain 20 000 men and place Royal Australian Navy under the control of British Admiralty.
  • Ships leave for Europe (First Convoy)

    Ships leave for Europe (First Convoy)
    Convoy ships departed for Albany ,WA towards Egyp,It caries the Australian Imperial Force and New Zaeland Expeditionary force
  • Hospital Ship (to Depart)

    Hospital Ship (to Depart)
    The Hospital Ship left Brisbane ,Australia carrying the Queensland nurses of the Australian Army Nursing Service. (AANS) This is a picture of the inside of a hospital ship.
  • AIF prepare to start training

    AIF prepare to start training
    The Australian Imperial Force started disembarking to Egypt to commence training. Training was in Egypt because England was not ready to recieve the troops. In this picture we see troops off to Egypt to begin training.
  • Leave Egypt

    Leave Egypt
    The anzacs leve Egypt in order to move to the front (line).In this phot it shows the Anzacs leisure activities.
  • Arriving at Lemnos

    After two weeks at sea the Anzacs begin arrival at Lemnos. In this picture is a safe camp where the troops would stay.
  • Arrival at Gallipoli

    Arrival at Gallipoli
    Between 4:30 and 4:45am troops started landing at Gallipoli near Ari Burnu Point. (Later known at Anzac Cove) The rest of the Anzacs followed later that day. This is a picture of troops landing at Ari Burnu point on the first day of arrival.
  • Evacuation of casualties

    Evacuation of casualties
    By 3am more than 1700 casualties had been evacuated from Anzac landing via Ari Burnu point which soon become Anzac cove. This is a picture of casualties being evacuated by plane from Gallipoli.
  • Hospital ship eavacuated (First)

    Hospital ship eavacuated (First)
    First hospittal ship evacuated with 548 casualties.14 wich died on the way back (Egypt). This is a picture of one of the Hospital ships shipping off.
  • First Casualty List Published

    First Casualty List Published
    First Gallipoli casualty list apeared in the Hobart Mercury under the heading-Roll of Honour,killed and wounded.In this picture it is to be shown an indentical list of the same matter.
  • Attack from Turkey

    The Turkish began shelling the Anzacs from a new position. Aiming closer to the trenches. This is a picture of the Turkish attacking from the top of the hill at Gallipoli.
  • Turkey bury the Dead

    Turkey bury the Dead
    A truce allowed the Turkish to bury their dead in no-mans-mand between the trenches. This is a picture of a few Turkish troops burying a few soldiers they had found.
  • 4 Destroyers attacked

    Four destroyers arriving at Anzac cove with troops on board were shelled, killing 11 soldiers and wounding 34 other. Becasue of this attack, daytime landings ceased and troops and animals were only bought in at night.Picture of a Destroyer nowadays.
  • Victorian schools get involved

    Victorian schools get involved
    Victoria's department of education involved school children by encouraing them to look for old sheets, pillow cases, towels, table cloths, white shirts and white blouses to be used a bandages in the Australian hospitals in Egypt.
  • Australia launched attack

    1st Australian division attacked Turkish trenches at Lone Pine. British units begin landing at Suvla Bay to help out.
  • Attack onHill 60

    A mixed force of Australian, New Zealand and British units attacked the flank of Hill 60 and gained some ground. This is a map of where hill 60 is located.
  • 2nd attack on Hill 60

    Between 27th and 29th Anzacs and British units again tried to take Hill 60 and gained some ground but failed to take the main Turkish position.
  • Transport ship attacked

    A transport ship carrying Australians and British was torpedoed on its way to Lemnos. 32 Australian soldiers died.
  • Silent Stunt

    Between 24th and 27th the Anzac troops were ordered to not fire unless under attack. This was called a "silent stunt" and was to help decieve the enemy into thinking that a silence did not necessarily mean withdrawal so the troops could prepare to begin evacuation.
  • Beginning of evacuation from Gallipoli

    The Anzac troops had been reduced to 36 000 men. Between 9th and 18th of December a gradual evacuation began removing a further 16 000 troops and equipment from Gallipoli.
  • Final evacuation completed

    Over two nights the remaining 20 000 Anzac troops were removed from Gallipoli. There were hardly any casualties towards the end as the Turkish didn't realise there was a major evacuation taking place. The evacuation of Gallipoli was the most successful part for the Anzacs.
  • Christmas

    At Lemnos the Australian troops celebrated christmas away from home but each got a present.