Maheen Timeline

  • The Endurence is Stuck

    The Endurence is Stuck
    This is a paragraph about Shackeltion and his crew when there on the ship!!!!!!! Shackelton wanted to be the first to cross the south poles ice cap. All he needed left was his men.But the endurence was stuck because giant blocks of ice were slowly comeing on the side of the ship.(That was a huge problem )
  • Stranded !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stranded !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All the men that were on the ship couln't drive they're ship. So they might as well got stranded. While there were just hereing the sound of wood, they suddenly herd the noise of the ship falling down in the water. That water formed by the ice.
  • The Endurence has SANK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One day, the men were just sitting around suddenly they heard a big CRASh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The men were confused about the noise. When they saw the ship it SANK !!!! They didn't know how to bring it back.
  • Giant Sea Leapord Attack

    Over the next few months ,it was allways Tom Orde-Lee's job to get the food. It was a real dangerous rick to take. One day when Tom was skiing back to camp, a scary and monserous head came out of the ice. The giant sea leapord lunged at him. Then Tom fell and tripped.
  • Ernie is Saved !

    Ernie is Saved !
    Shak saved Ernie Holness. Ernie allmost fell between 2 ice floes.
  • First Stop Elephant Island

    The men were dirty and didn't take a bath. By now the ice floes were breaking into tiny and tinyer pieces. But then Shak decided to first go to Elephant Island because that will be easyer.
  • I am Hungry !!!!!!!!

    The men were continueing there jouney to E.I. The men were so hungry that there were sucking on frozen meat.
  • What is Elephant Island ?

    What is Elephant Island ?
    When the men saw E.I and it was just rock , snow , and ice. So Shack decided to start his departure for South Georgia Island. But 5 men and Shack were going ahead to S.I. And 22 men stayed at Elephant Island.
  • Elephant Island at LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The men finall
  • The Journey Begins

    As the men are going to S. I. There are scaraed of a monster !!
  • S .G Island at last.

    The 5 men and Shack , reached S.G.I and 3 men were in a cave well the others were at the whaleing station.
  • Whaleing Station

    The men climbed over a mountin to reach the whaleing station.
  • 22 Men

    They finally rescued the men on E.I
  • AT LAST !!!!

    Shack finally reached the Whaleing station