Madeline Atherton

  • Madeline leaving Donegal with her sister Hallie

    Coming to America she brought very few possessions with her. She brought her sewing kit, little clothing, a tea kettle, and little money. She left Ireland because she wanted to get away from being oppressed, taxes from landlords, and having not food because of the potato famine. She had to leave behind family and friends that she loved. She wanted to go to America to be able to own her own property, to have more freedom and to rejoin the family and friends that had already left. She was 16.
  • Period: to

    The boat ride from Donegal to Elis island

    The journey by water about 7 weeks.
  • The death of Madeline's sister Hallie

    She got so sick on the boat because they were in with all of the third class people the she ended up dying. Madeline was heartbroken, but she known she would have to continue on without her sister.
  • Madeline arrives in Philadelphia

    Madeline arrives in Philadelphia. She went to Philadelphia to meet her uncle Robert. She spent the last 6-7 week with people who are sick from the trip. The trip took 6-7 weeks to get from Ireland to Philadelphia by ship.
  • Meeting Colin John

    Madeline meets Colin John in her uncle’s store one day. He was one of the regular customers that came to the store every day for fresh fruits. She was spending lots of her time with him and that ended up with her falling in love with him.
  • Madeline is starting to work for Uncle Robert in his store

    She works hard every day. She needs to earn money to open her own wedding dress shop and needs to give money to uncle Robert to pay him back for letting her stay with him. She also needs to raise some money for when she moves to the west. There are many rude people that make her job hard
  • Period: to

    Settling in to Philadelphia with Uncle Robert and his wife

    There was lots of change in climate and also lots of change in the culture. There journey was very long. It was very hot and there was a lot of humility in the air.
  • Uncle Robert’s store got robbed

    Uncle Roberts store got robbed by some of the homeless and poor people that live in the town that caused the store to be at a threat of having to close down the store, but then Christmas was right around the corner and a lot of people came. The store would not be closing down after all.
  • Christmas day

    This is Madeline's first Christmas in Philadelphia with her uncle and aunt in America and also the first Christmas away from her home in Ireland. She had no money to buy presents from them so she made them little gifts made from heart.
  • Moving to the West

    The journey took 4 months to get to the west. It was a very rough travel; it was difficult for Madeline to travel and camping. She was on her way to Chicago. She felt sad for Chinese who were getting abused when they were being forced to build railroads. She was moving to the west because to open up her own wedding dress shop of her own.
  • Madeline got engaged

    She got engaged to Colin John at a picnic table near a little river, Madeline and Colin John got engaged because they were so in love they wanted to promise their love to each other.
  • Madeline getting married

    Madeline is getting married to Colin John. When Madeline got married that caused the rest of her life to be much happier. They got married in a little church. It was a very small wedding with only 30 people.