Madame doubtfire

  • Natalie,Christoffer and Lydia are discussing with their dad (Daniel), at his home.

  • Period: to

    Madame Doubtfire

  • Miranda is coming to get her kids and shows Daniel, an annonce about a wanted housekeeper. Daniel takes it and write his number instead of Miranda's

  • miranda get 4 calls from madame doubtfire, who really is Daniel. dadadadaaaaaa

  • Madame Doubtfire gets the job as their house keeper.

  • The children finds out that Madame Doubtfire is their dad

  • Daniel takes the children to the theater. Christoffer dosen't like the show because it is boring. Daniel gets mad at Christoffer and Lydia because he thinks that they are discussing

  • the artgroups comes to their house

  • Miranda finds out that daniel is Madame Doubtfire

  • He becomes gartner in Miranda's garden and then he sees the children every day