Madame Doubtfire

  • At home with Daniel

    The kids are at home with Daniel, but he only have them once a week. Miranda doesn't accept that Daniel wants them in time. She always comes with them a half an hour later and take them home earlier than thought
  • Period: to

    Madame Doubtfire

  • Bad relationship

    Daniel and Miranda doesn't have a good relationship, they were happely married and now they are divorced. She didn't take Daniel seriously all the time. Now when the kids are at home with Daniel he always says something bad about their mom.
  • New job

    Daniel has got a new job at the art school, he needs to be model, NAKED. The kids thinks it's really funny and they can't stop laughing at it.
  • Daniels idea

    Daniel wanted to see his children more often, so he got a brilliant idea. He knew that Miranda needed a housekeeper, and he knew where the phone numbers were to the people that she wanted to call. He deleted all the other numbers, and wrote some of his own number. Which ever number Miranda called, it would be Daniel answering.
  • First day at job

    It's now the first day at job for Madame Doubtfire, Miranda doesn't know it's Daniel, and she loves Madame Doubtfire for the first second. Madame Doubtfire gets the job.
  • Famues Doubtfire

    Madame Doubtfire, better known as Daniel, does a really good job as a housekeeper. Miranda and the children likes her alot.
  • Theater

    Daniel wanted to take the children to the theater, because he found some very cheap tickets. Miranda asked Madame Doubfire if it's a good idea, and ofcourse Madame Doubtfire said yes.
  • Bad news

    Daniel finds out that the art group are painting him in Miranda's house when he's Madame Doubtfire
  • Busted!!!

    Daniel ran like crazy in the house when Miranda comes in and saw him holding her dress and without clothes. She kicked him out and she now knows that he's Madame Doubtfire.
  • Friends again

    Daniel and Miranda became friends again, and they made a deal. The deal was that Daniel could be Miranda's gardner so he could see the children when they came home from school