Madam C.J. Walker

  • When she born

    She was born in Sarah Breedlove.
  • Was a sharecroppers of a plantation

    They was a sharecroppers of a plantation called Sorawling Burney.
  • Early years life was a cotton picker

  • The date that she starting working on the hair care

    This is where she had a dream and this is when she is going to go to door to door.
  • She was an Enthusiasm person

    She was an Enthusiasm Person because she went around door to door to people to try her hair care product out.
  • She got an a office in Pittsburgh

    She got and office in Pittsburgh . It expanded to the east.
  • She became sick for awhile after done traveling

  • she died of kidney Failure

  • parents died of yellow fever

    They died because an outbrake of yellow fever. They died on the plantation.
  • The company name was Madam C.J Walker Manufacturing Co.