machanicized war machine

  • Period: Jan 1, 1500 to


    the machanicised war machine that can pack really big punch, the tank. The most earliest design of the tank goes back to the 1500s, by Leonardo Da Vinci. It was first created by the need for a big death machine in the first world war. today they are the most feared machine on the field of battle. there are many types of tanks: light, medium, heavy, anti tank, anti infintry, fst strikes, universal, and top secret. all the types of tanks have certain qualitys that made them useful.
  • Sep 23, 1500

    the early tank

    the early tank
    leonardo da vinchi was the first to creat the cannon-shooting, rolling death machine we know today. no one took him seriously. the overall design was gears driving some cannons and a space for the crew.
  • the french

    the french
    through out the 1910s and early 20s the french tried and tried to creat a "tank" and after the creation a better one. all attempts failed google, and wikipedia
  • the mark 1 tank made in britain

    the mark 1 tank made in britain
    the need for a trench crossing war machine in WW1 has made scientists and engineers work faster and better to make the war machinewe know today as the tank history books, google, war books, tank books, wkipedia, the 1998 genous world records.
  • WW2

    war is declared on germany and soon the outbreak of the world war 2. this is important because the war made it more important for countrys to make a new design for the tank.
  • germany tanks

    germany tanks
    the germans made one of the most useful tanks in all of WW2, the T-34 tiger
    the T-34 was a thickly armored (in some places even 120mm) machine with a powerful gun that can send a bullet straight through 40mm of amor at 1200 yards.
  • USA tanks

    USA tanks
    the most feared tank made by the Americans was n doubt the M-4 Sherman. It was feared more for the mass prduction of the tank then the fire power. But it had its ups.
    Because of its mass production (about 2 million by the end of WW2) it had the strength of numbers, and that is what controbuted to the many victories under its belt.
    it had a newer cousin made later in WW2, but it was more expensive so not many were built.
  • The British

    The British
    The Britsh had many tanks that were feared, but the most feared i have to say was the MK VI Crusader. It was a fast tank (aka a criuser) and was used for "get the back of the enemy tank and destroy thier *****." The cruiser tanks were more common to the British then anyone else.
  • the vietman war

    the vietman war
    this was a piont in history that the US had the "new" tanks tested out, in Vietnam. the tanks they used were proved tuff enough for military standard.
  • today

    today the tanks are the one of the most feared machines of all. there are about 3,000 designs that have been in use since WW1.
  • the overview

    in about 80 yeas from the first successful biulding of the tank we have made the war machine bigger stronger and faster. if we go any more that would be scary, they already have flying tanks we dont need hovering ones with lasers, and air conditioning
  • the furureistic

    the furureistic
    tanks are always being updated to be better, and blow up more.
    so in two years they might be hoverng laser shooting machines