Maame Doubtfire

  • Daniel's home

    Daniel and his wife, Miranda, are divorced, and therefor Daniel only gets to see his children about once a week. Miranda does not like Daniel's home, and therefor the children can not be there too much
  • Period: to

    Madame Doubtfire

  • Period: to

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  • Daniel and Miranda

    Miranda does not take Daniel serious when Daniel says he want's to see the children when it's his turn to see them. Miranda always comes later than she should, and she takes the children home earlyer.
  • The new housekeeper

    Daniel want's to see the children more often, and he accidently finds out that Miranda needs a new housekeeper. Daniel cheats Miranda, so she can only call Daniel.
  • Daniel's new job

    Daniel has got a new job at the art school, he is their new model. And the best part is, that he has not got any cloth on.
  • Daniel's ideas

    Daniel changes his voice so she doesn't find out that it's Daniel on the other side of the phone. Now Miranda has got a new housekeeper, Madame Doubtfire. Better known as Daniel.
  • First day as Madame Doubtfire

    It is Madame Doubtifire's day at Miranda's home. It is a little bit awkward, because he has been there so many times as Daniel. Now he is Madame Doubtfire, and therefor he has to act like a old lady.
  • Famoues Doubtfire

    They like Madame Doubtfire alot at Miranda's home. But the children's know's that Daniel is Madame Doubtfire. Miranda trusts Madame Doubtfire alot.
  • Theater

    Daniel want's to take the children to the theater, so they can have fun. Miranda does not want the children to take with him, and she ask madame Doubtfire for help, and she (he) says its a good idea.
  • Busted

    Daniel runs around in the house just with a towel on and naked under. He is out of control, he can not handel it anymore. Then Miranda comes home and see him in her house with her cloth on, and finds out that he is madame Doubtfire.