Lundy Humanities. Motown

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    Motown History

    Motown was developed by Berry Gordy Jr. in Detroit, Michigan- the urban North.
    Berry was the primary songwriter in the beginning of Motown.
    The first national hit and the name of the prototype song that started the Motown sound was called Money and it was recorded by Barrett Strong.
  • The Motown Sound

    The Motown Sound
    Strong beat, emphasizing all four beats in a measure equally.
    Not many instrumental riffs, vamps or other ostinatos.
    More published sound than in soul, not as rough sounding.
    Voices predominant over the instruments.
    Close vocal harmonies
    In performance, very visually oriented with choreographed moves by the backup singers
  • Diana Ross and The Supremes.

    Diana Ross and The Supremes.
    They were the most successful group to record for the Motown label.
    The Supremes had six number one hits including Baby Love and Stop! In the Name of Love
  • Stevie Wonder

    Stevie Wonder
    Real name was Stevland Morris, born in 1950
    Blind at birth and he was proficient on piano, drums and harmonica.

    His first big hit was Fingertips Part II in 1963 as he developed a reputation as an exciting performer.
  • Recording Studio and Motown

    Recording Studio and Motown
    The name of Gordy’s first studio was in his home and was called “Hitsville USA”
    Some of his acts that developed out of Motown were:
    The Temptations
    The Supremes
    The Jackson Five
    Marvin Gaye
    Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
    Stevie Wonder
  • The Funk Brothers

    The Funk Brothers
    The Funk Brothers- the band that played behind everybody who recorded on Motown and traveled with the Motown acts on the road. They were strongly influenced by bebop jazz- the intricate harmonies and rhythmic complexities of bop that were the basis of everything they played.
    Smokey Robinson and the Miracles had one number one single- The Tears of a Clown.