Luis Miguel Discography

  • Un Sol

    Un Sol
    "Un Sol" is Luis Miguel's debut album, released in January 1982, starting his musical career with his first hit being "1 + 1 = 2 Enamorados".
  • Decídete

    At 13 years old Luis Miguel launches Decidete being a success in Mexico and Latin America, making the leap to fame in Mexico.
  • Palabra de Honor

    Palabra de Honor
    His singles "Isabel" and "La Chica del Bikini Azul" gave him a more modern air with synthesizers, being a hit at only 14 years old.
  • Soy como Quiero ser

    Soy como Quiero ser
    Releasing "Ahora te puedes marchar" as his main single, "Soy como Quiero ser" becomes his greatest success up to that moment, when he turns 18 he separates from his representative Luisito Rey who was also his father.
  • Busca una Mujer

    Busca una Mujer
    His fourth album contains "Culpable o no" and "La Incondicional" giving the Sun of Mexico the title of the most famous and successful singer in Mexico in the 80's.
  • 20 Años

    20 Años
    In 1990, Luis Miguel was 20 years old and released his album with the same name, giving changes to his music, and performing in Viña del Mar for the third time with songs like "Entrégate" or "Tengo todo excepto a ti"
  • Romance

    Luis Miguel decides to release "Romance", being a remastered bolero album, produced by Armando Manzanero. This album was until that time the best-selling album of his career, breaking several records.
  • Aries

    Aries it was a musical genre change album for Luis Miguel introducing himself more into Romantic Ballads and in a surprising and moved R&B and Soul in the song "Que nivel de mujer", breaking more records in its publication in 1993.
  • Segundo Romance

    Segundo Romance
    The sequel to his hit "Romance" will arrive in the fall of 1994, giving it a fresher air although not with the same success as its predecessor.
  • Nada es Igual

    Nada es Igual
    After a series of financial problems Luis Miguel released "Nada es Igual" and with a catchy single "Como es Posible que a mi Lado" and against all expectations it was his first musical failure.
  • Amarte es un placer

    Amarte es un placer
    Unlike his contemporaries Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias, Luis Miguel decided to release "Amarte es un placer" in Spanish, returning Armando Manzanero in composition and writing.
  • 33

    33 was the first album fully produced by Luis Miguel coming back after 4 years and returning to the tours
  • México en la Piel

    México en la Piel
    Luis Miguel moved on to a more Mexican sound and theme with the album "Mexico en la Piel" being a total success selling 5,000,000 copies and winning a Latin Grammy after a long time.
  • Navidades

    Luis Miguel released his Christmas-themed album being another success for his career with his song "Santa Claus llego a la cuidad"
  • Cómplices

    Returning in 2008 with "Complices" being a medium success in Mexico and in the world, his public began to notice its decline
  • Luis Miguel

    Luis Miguel
    His album "Luis Miguel" marks 40 years of career already under the Warner Music label and his greatest success of this "Tres Palabras" being the main theme of a Televisa telenovela
  • ¡México por siempre!

    ¡México por siempre!
    After 7 years, Luis Miguel returned with "México por Siempre!" Continuing with the Mexican and ranchera style of music, he was a success with his single "La Fiesta del Mariachi" being this a prelude to his next bographic series.