By tlc4235
  • The Holy Spirit Group

    The Holy Spirit Group
    Link.A Ugandan acholi woman named Alice Lakwena who claimed was told to be the "Holy Spirit" to get rid of the Ugandan Government, so she formed the Holy Spirit Movement Group. But was overthrown by the government when she tried and was later exiled from Uganda.
  • Beginning of the L.R.A

    Beginning of the L.R.A
    Link.When Alice Lakwena was exiled Joseph Kony took over the, Holy Spirit Movement Group, claiming to be a cousin of Alice Lakwena. Soon he changed the name to the Lord's Resistance Army.
    His main goal was to overthrow the Ugandan Government. And soon lost soldiers and began kidnapping children and turning them into child Soldiers and sex slaves.
  • Changing His Target

    Changing His Target
    Link.By 1997 the LRA captured, killed, and raped more than thousands of children, but that wasn't enough. He started going to bigger villages around Southern Sudan, Northern Uganda, Democratic Rep. of Congo, and Central African Republic. He wasn't doing any of this to start a war but to show his power.
  • Joseph Kony

    Joseph Kony
    Link.He has been wanted since 2005 because of war crimes. Like murder, rape, and kidnapping. He keeps doing these things to show the government what he'll do until their is peace. Because he says he isn't a terrorists he's a freedom fighter and only wants peace in Uganda.
  • False Peace Treaty

    False Peace Treaty
    Link. After a few months of being exiled from Sudan and Congo Joseph Kony started to talk about signing a peace treaty with the Ugandan Government. The treaty would say that he would end the reign of the L.R.A and turn himself in for all the crimes he had commited.
  • Disagreeing to the Treaty

    Disagreeing to the Treaty
    Link.Later that year of wanting to sign the treaty he backed out and made an allegation to legally re-enter Uganda. They wouldn't because the L.R.A attacked 15 villages in Uganda and had 30,000 chlidren.
  • Help From America

    Help From America
    Link.In late 2011, Uganda and surrounding countries begged for help and most Americans listened and wrote letters to the government saying that we need to help. We finally got through to the government and soon president Barack Obama sent 100 troops out their to train the Ugandan Army so they could fight against the L.R.A.
  • Kony 2012

    Kony 2012
    A group called Invisible Children created by Jason Russell aids families whose children have been kidnapped and helps them try not to get kidnapped. The video Kony 2012 went viral in a matter of days and it tries to inform you about who Joseph Kony is and what he has done to the people of central Africa.
  • Total Numbers

    Total Numbers
    Link.From the 80's til now the L.R.A has abducted roughly 100,000 child soldiers and displaced around 2 million people. And because of that families, in the northern Uganda, southern Sudan area, have to keep running and hiding with the group invisible Children.