Louisiana Purchase

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In History
  • 13 Colonies

    The first 13 states have been bought and settlers begin to create rules for their new country called the United States
  • Jefferson funds the expedition

    Jefferson has $2,500 approved to help in the expedition of checking out the newest land that was bought. The money was then used for Lewis & Clark.
  • French Leader Napoleon offers Louisiana Territory to U.S.

    The U.S. wants to purchase New Orleans in order to trade goods down the river and over to England, but Napoleon offers the whole Louisiana Territory instead because he wanted the money rather than the land. Napoleon wants money in order to pay for wars and be a large leader.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Thomas Jefferson buys the Louisiana Territory for a cheap price of $15 million dollars.
  • President Jefferson Asks for Help

    Now that the Louisiana Territory is part of the U.S., the president asks Meriwether Lewis to lead a team of explorers and check out the new land that was bought. Meriwether Lewis asks a long time friend, William Clark, to help him in leading the expedition.
  • American Troops Move to New Orleans

    Now that the U.S. owns New Orleans, American troops are sent to take the land into their own possession.
  • Thomas Sends Some Explorers

    To see what type of land is in the Louisiana Territory, Thomas Jefferson sends Meriwether Lewis and William Clark and about 11 other men to make maps and record what they see. They started their expedition in St. Louis.