Lord Of The Flies TimeLine

  • Plane Crash

    The plane that the boys were on was crashed and it is a mystery how it crashed. pg 6
  • Piggy ohh what a funny name

    Piggy ohh what a funny name
    Piggy is having a conversation and tells Ralph about his name and tells him to keep it on the low but he tells everyone in sight and laughs like no tommrow. pg 11
  • Who's the leader?

    Who's the leader?
    When they decided who shall be come the leader of the boys and who would be the one to pick the smartest decisions. pg 22
  • FIRE!

    When Ralph the leader said to make a fire they ran like holigans to make and fire and grab every last twig. pg 41
  • BYE island....

    BYE island....
    The boys were so excited that they were stacking the sticks like building blocks but never knew it would set the island on fire. pg 44
  • Ohh no.

    Ohh no.
    The boys were so worried about themseleves and making fun of piggy so the leader and others forgot about one of the troops so the boy died. pg 46