Lord of the Flies

  • Ralph blows the conch for the first time

    Piggy shows Ralph how to blow the conch. When Ralph blows the conch for the first time, it becomes the first meeting. Here, Piggy tries to learn all their names, Ralph is elected chief, and the choir boys, led by Jack, are assigned the job of hunting.
  • Starting the first fire

    After the first meeting, Ralph brings people to the top of the mountain. There, everyone works to find things that can help build the fire
  • Simon's clearing

    Near the beginning of the book, the boys cannot find Simon anywhere near camp. Simon was in a small spot of his own in the forest. Every time after that when Simon needed some alone time, he would disappear to the clearing. Later in the book, this place goes from peacefull to horrifying when Jack's tribe puts the pig's head there. Simon is scarred by the Lord of the Flies and it results in his death.
  • Face paint

    One day Jack decides to paint his face as camoflauge during hunting. The mask makes him feel powerful. He starts using it all the time. Ralph thinks that wearing the mask makes you a savage and, of course, he and Jack argue over it. The mask changed Jack; it made him more violent and controlling towards the others. This foreshadows the change in the boys from being civil to being savages. However, all throughout the book, those who have stayed loyal to Ralph refused to wear the mask.
  • Ralph's wish comes true - kind of

    The night after Ralph wishes for a sign from the grownups, a man in a parachute falls on the island. Some time later, Simon finds the dead man tangled in a tree and thinks that that must have been what others were thinking was the beast. They believe that if people are searching for the man, they will hopefully find the island and the boys will be rescued.
  • A gift for the beast

    After Jack's hunting group finally kills a pig, Jack decides to give a gift to the beast. They cut off the pig's head and put it on a stick. The pig's head rots after a while and starts attracting flies. Thus, the name "Lord of the Flies."
  • Simon speaks with the Lord of the Flies

    After giving the gift to the beast, Simon finds it while going through the forest one day. He starts imagining the pig's head is talking to him. The head calls him a "silly little boy" and tells him to be afraid of the beast. The Lord of the Flies then explains that he is the beast and that Simon is not wanted around the others.
  • Killing Simon

    In Jack's tribe, they suspect the beast is Simon. They start chanting "Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!" to him and start closing in on him. Simon tries to tell them about the man with the parachute, but they don't listen. They end up killing Simon. This is an example of how, no matter how important something is that someone says, the savages will not listen. They believed that, even if they were trying to help them, the others were wrong.
  • Jack steals Piggy's glasses

    The boys are constantly fighting over fire - Ralph wants it as a signal fire to get rescued, Jacks wants it to cook meat. Because Piggy is still loyal to Ralph, Ralph's group has the glasses. One night, Jack raids Ralph's group and steals the glasses. Jack's group celebrates with a big fire and when the glasses are returned to Piggy, they are completely broken. This really hurts Ralph's group because not only is Piggy blinded, but they now have no signal fire.
  • Going to Castle Rock

    After Jack's tribe steals the fire (Piggy's glasses) from Ralph's side of the island, Ralph, Piggy, and Samneric go to Castle Rock to get them back. During the manhunt for Ralph, Jack's tribe sets the island on fire to find him. This is the ironic ending of the book that all this time, they were trying to create a signal fire for a ship. The fire that was intended to kill Ralph, the original leader of the island, was the "signal fire" that got them rescued.