Lord of the flies

Lord of the Flies

  • Plane Crashes on an Island

    Plane Crashes on an Island
    By the end of World War two an atomic bomb has been dropped. To keep the children safe, a group of Britsh school boys are taken away from the destruction by plane. However, something goes wrong and the plane crashes on a remote island, leaving the boys to fend for themselves.
  • Period: to

    Becoming Savage

  • Coming Together

    Coming Together
    The boys are called together by a shell called a conch by an older boy named Ralph. Ralph and Piggy want to create some sort of society to keep the little ones together and so they can survive without adult supervision.
  • Starting the Fire

    Starting the Fire
    Raplh decides it is a good idea to start a fire on stop of the mountain to act as a signal to near boats so they can be rescued. They gather all the dry wood they could find and use Piggy's glasses to start the fire. However, the fire gets out of hand and almost burns the island down. The boy with the scare on his face is burned by the fire and dies.
  • The Group of Boys

    The Group of Boys
    There a group of boys that are important on the island. Ralph is the appointed leader of the group. Piggy is the voice of reason and the smart one. Jack is part of the hunters group and also some what of a leader of his own group. Simon is an epileptic and very quiet. Roger is a meaner older boy who likes to pick on the little ones and throws rocks at them as well.
  • Painted Faces

    Painted Faces
    The hunters start to paint their faces to show they are the ones hunting the pig. They do this so they look like real hunters. However, some of the boys are worried by the real motives. Most notably Ralph who thinks it is a waste of time because he expects to be rescued soon.
  • Making the First Kill is the Hardest

    Making the First Kill is the Hardest
    To ensure the boys had enough food. Jack's group decides to be the hunters. Jack was the one who backed the hunting adventure, but when it came to killing the pig he hesitated and the pig got away.
  • What happened to the Fire?

    What happened to the Fire?
    The first kill of the pig was overshadowed by the fact that Jack's group while hunting let the fire go out. The fire was meant to help them get rescued. Jack and Ralph are at odds. Jack believes food is more important, but Ralph believes the most important thing is to be found. The hunters come up with a chant after they kill the pig. They say, "Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood." This becomes the chant the hunters repeat each time they kill a pig.
  • The Fear Emerges

    The Fear Emerges
    Beast from WaterThe younger boys keep hearing and seeing things. They believe that it is a beast. The older boys try to calm their fear by saying the only thing on the island are pigs and that there is no beast. But the beast is really the fear growing inside the boys.
  • Dead Man Falling

    Dead Man Falling
    Beast from AirDuring the middle of the night a man parachutes on the island with the boys. However he was already dead. The older boys spot him and are now certain that there is a beast on the island. They boys' fear is too great for them to realize that the man could have key survival tools. The body is eventually taken out to the ocean. This, to the boys, seems to mean the beast is on the move and is still out there.
  • The Prophet

    The Prophet
    Ralph is starting doubt they will ever get off the island. Simon sees Ralph's doubt and comes over to him to tell him he will get off this island. Ralph notices that Simon only said he would get off the island not we, meaning Simon believes he will not survive long enough to be rescued.
  • Hunting the Beast

    Hunting the Beast
    The older boys go out to hunt the beast. This is Ralphs first time hunting and gets excited by the fact that he almost hit a pig. At this point the boys are afraid, but are not willing to show it.
  • Fighting: For Play or For Real?

    Fighting: For Play or For Real?
    After the boys catch a pig for food later that night, they are too excited and they start to pretend fight. They pretend one of the boys is the pig and they are killing it with their spears. This may seem like fun and games at the time, however later on in the book the boys mistake one of their own for the beast.
  • Leaving the Old Tribe. Starting the New

    Leaving the Old Tribe. Starting the New
    Jack is finally fed up with Ralph telling him what to do. And sense everything Ralph has suggested to do to be rescued has failed. Jack creates his own tribe that is less civilized and only believes hunting is the best thing to do. Everyone goes with him but Sam and Eric, Ralph, Piggy and Simon.
  • The Pig Speaks

    The Pig Speaks
    Simon goes off on his own like he does very often. He starts to have a seizure while there and he believes the pigs head on the stake is talking to him. This is one of Simons worse seizures on the island thus far. He passes out, only to wake up and stumble into the feast of the hunters worshiping the pigs head.
  • Castle Rock

    Castle Rock
    The new tribe settles on Castle Rock and has feasts every night when they get a pig. They have the same saying and start to worship the pig as some sort of an offering to the beast on the island. They put the pigs head on a stake as the offering.
  • The Fear Consumes

    The Fear Consumes
    Ralph and Piggy make their way up to Castle Rock becasue their is food up there and they are very hungry. They see the pig's head on the stick and see that this feast is a worship to the beast of the island. Their fear takes them over and instead of realizing they were attacking Simon they keep thinking that he is the beast.
  • The End of Simon

    The End of Simon
    When Simon stumbles into the feast the hunters are having. The fear that the pig's head worked and brought the beast to the boys to kill overwhelms them. The chase Simon down the island and be him to death. His body is later taken out by the sea.
  • Getting Beaten

    Getting Beaten
    Jack needs to start a fire on Castle Rock. But they have no way of starting it. They get the idea to go down the island to where Ralph and Piggy are. They attack everyone in Ralphs group. Beating them and stealing Piggy's glasses. Ralph is angered and Piggy is left blind. This is when they start going up the mountain to confront Jack.
  • Stolen Specs

    Stolen Specs
    Jack and his group come and steal Piggy's glasses. But instead of asking for them, they use force to get them. They beat Ralph and Piggy. They steal the glasses and run off with them. Sam and Eric were able to beat some of the hunters pretty good.
  • Piggy Dies

    Piggy Dies
    While confronting Jack about Piggy's stolen glasses, Roger pushes a heavy rock off the cliff. Ralph dodges the rock but Piggy is hit. And falls down the side of the cliff to his death. Roger doesn't seem to care and gets the others to start pushing off other rocks to hit Ralph.
  • Hunting Takes a New Turn

    Hunting Takes a New Turn
    The hunters turn their attention from hunting pigs to hunting Ralph because they see him as a threat to their idea of a civilization. He wants to try and unite the boys under is command again so they can work together. Insteed Jack wants to remain hunters and taking care of yourself and feeding the others.
  • The Rescue

    The Rescue
    As Ralph comes out of the island into the open. He is greeted by a naval officer, who is shocked by the behavior the boys are showing. However he does not realize that it is not a game. Ralph is thankful to be rescued and be safe from the hunters.
  • Burning Down the Island

    Burning Down the Island
    While searching for Ralph the hunters set the island on fire to smoke him out. However, if they werent rescued when they were there wouldn't have been an island left for them to inhabit. They would have starved because everything would have gotten burnt.