Lord of the Flies

By AlexaG.
  • The Sound of the Shell

    A group of young boys all in unifrom arrive on an island. Confused, they all wander the island and all meet each other on the beach. All introducing themselves we meet Ralph, Jackand his choir of all boys, Piggy, and a bunch of other younger boys.
  • Fire on the Mountain

    The boys find a conch and Ralphs blowsinto it. When he blows into it all of the boys gather up and all discuss their situtation. They all decide that they need a leader and choose Ralph as leader and Jack and his choir as hunters.
  • Huts on the Beach

    After the boys have all agreed on their duties on the island, they set off and are all responsible for those duties, only that not all of the boys are doing what they're supposed to be doing and not all of them are being responsible. Ralph starts to becme upset.
  • Painted Faces and Long Hair

    The boys have all already developed a daily routine. Some of the older boys start to become more aggressive and start to pick on the "littluns." Jack is now obsessed with killing a pig and no longer is consistent with his job to keep the signal fire going. The kids claimed to have seen a "beastie."
  • Beast from Water

    None of the boys are following the rules that Ralph has set for them anymore, civilization needs to be restored. Jack is annyed, and in the meeting that Ralph has called, he tells everyone that they are all at fault but his own self.
  • Beast from Air

    They're in the middle of World War II and the bys are all asleep on the island while planes battle in the sky and they all don't take any notice that a dead parachutist has slowly drifted to the ground and now sits on the mountain. Sam and Eric were in charge of the signal fire that night and both see the dead parachutist man. Thinking it's a beast, they run away in fear and run to tell Ralph. Ralph decides they'll all explore the mountain to find it.
  • Shadows and Tall Trees

    While on their voyage exploring the moutain, they stop to eat and Ralph can't help but to think to himself how all of the boys have become savages. All the time they've spent on this island has caused them to become less civilized. While still looking for food, they see a pig but fail at their attempt to catch it. All in a frenzy, they decide to play a game having a by named Robert pretend to be the pig while they all jab at him with their spears nearly almost killing him.
  • Gift for the Darkness

    The byshave a meeting and during the meeting Jack grabs the conch and tries to cnvince the boys to shove Ralph out of leadership by asking everyone who they'd prefer as leader, either him or Ralph. None of the boys raise their hand to push him out of leadership except Jack's hunters. Jack gets upset that none of the other boys agree with him and storms off with his choir/hunter following him and decides that he'll make his own tribe. Jack's tribe kills a sow and put its head on a spear.
  • A View to Death

    In the last chapter Simon has a talk with the sow on the spear which end up becoming the Lord of the Flies. He fainted and later on awakes and realizes a storm on its way. He walks up the mountain and notices the dead parachutist and realizes the boys have made a mistake, that it wasnt a beast. He runs to tell them. Jack's tribe is chanting and dancing. Simon runs out of the woods trying to tell them his news. Before he could say anything they all killed him not giving him the chance to speak.
  • The Shell and the Glasses

    The tribe splits up because the storm had finally come once they killed Simon. Ralph's tribe slept in the shelters while Jack's tribe snuck up on them, beat up Ralph's group and stole Piggy's glasses. His glasses represented knowledge. Without those glasses Piggy couldn't see, without those glasses there was no fire.
  • Castle Rock

    The boys all start to get annoyed of Piggy, especially Roger. While Ralph and Jack are arguing and then start to fight, Roger pushes a huge rock off the mountain. It hits Piggy, pushing him off them mountain and falls onto rocks which he's crushed by and dies.
  • Cry of the Hunters

    Everyone has turned against Ralph including Sam and Eric. Piggy's dead and without Piggy there was no sense in the way they all spoke, he was knowledge. The rest of the boys have all become savages and all want to kill Ralph. They all attempt to and charge at him. Ralph runs yelling for help and runs into a man dressed in uniform from the war who then sees all the boys and they are all rescued and taken back home to where they are all still in war.