Looking for alaska

By selmanr
  • 136 day's before

    miles leaves Florida and moves to a boarding school in Alabama
  • 128 day's before

    we meet the colonel and Alaska
  • 127 days before

    miles is thrown in to a river
  • 122 day's before

    the Colonel fights with his girlfriend
  • 89 day's before

    Alaska find miles a girlfriend
  • 76 day's before

    Alaska books get ruined and Alaska seeks for revenge
  • 58 days before

    Alaska gets miles to stay for thanks giving with her
  • 47 days before

    the colonel invites them to a thanks giving dinner
  • Christmas:

    miles goes home for the break. He studies for school subjects mostly.
  • 3 days before

    they meet at a barn and talk about how they are going to do a prank.
  • The Last Day

    miles and Alaska make out
  • The Last Day

    it is next semster
  • The Last Day

    Alaska leaves with out telling any one
  • the day after

    miles finds out alaska died in a car crash
  • Period: to

    2 days after to the end of 122 days after

    miles lives with a bi emptiness in himself and counties his school but is always is reminded about alaska
  • 136 days after

    miles finds a letter from Takumi. It says that on the tragic night, Alaska had told Takumi that she had forgotten about the anniversary of her mother’s death. miles looks for Takumi, but he is already gone.