Lonesome Dove By Larry Mcmurtry 925

  • 1-45

    This chapter is an introduction to the characters of the novel and the life they lead near Lonesome Dove in southern Texas about ten years after the Civil War. The first character introduced is Augustus McCrae who is part owner of the Hat Creek Cattle Company. Besides Gus, there is Woodrow F. McCall, his partner, and Pea Eye Parker, Josh Deets, and Newt Boggs, men who worked on the ranch, and Bolivar, the Mexican cook.
  • 45-151

    This chapter begins with a long explanation of the reason why Captain Call walks the river every night. He thinks of it as a time to hone his instincts for any danger that may be lurking around them. He knows that it’s unlikely that there are any Indians even 500 miles near them, but it’s a habit he has practiced most of his adult life and it’s become hard to break.Gus is going to see Lorena and warns him that if she suckers Gus into marrying her, Call won’t allow her to live there.
  • 151-243

    Augustus finds a hord of horses already branded by the state of Texas. they fight off another gang of bandits trying for the same prize. some morestory setup goes by and by the end of the pages, captain dies by being trampled by the horses.
  • 243-327

    when captain dies no one takes it lightly every oneblames bandits for spooking the horses. pea kids a prisoner for no reason and is arrested. not much more happens. Except for Augustus gets drunk
  • 327-467

    they get enough horses for the prospector and get enough money for the saloon. the next chapter the saloon is finished and they are all enjoying a drink. thisis right when bandits try to raid the town and they are fighting.