lone survivor marcus luttrell & patrick robinson

  • lone survivor pgs 1-45

    the six seal team members travel to bahrain, south of baghdad. they loaded up their weapons into a C-130 airplane which they called a flying warehouse. then travel to afghanistan. their names were mathew gene axleson, his twin brother morgan, lieutenant michael patrick murphy,senior chief daniel richard healy,petty officer second class shane patton, and james suh.
  • pgs 45-100

    it talks about his brother and him growing up and how he was trained by a guy named billy shelton. they finally landed in bagram north east afghanistan. then it starts to talk about his expierience in boot camp and training after bootcamp. the training was grueling and hard. he had gotten hurt a couple of times but never stopped.honestly there isnt much happening and its kinda boring so far.
  • lone survivor pgs 100-150

    the men in his camp group had been ordered to go to hell week. they had to do crazy workouts, more then 450 pushups, more then 450 sit ups, just flat crazy work outs.they didnt get many meals and they didnt get much sleep. many quit.
  • lone survivor 150-220

    they started doing field training where they had to face like war situatuions with guns and explosions and etc. they had finnally landed and was checking into their "bee hut" and slept before there general briefing. they were finally starting their first mission. they were in some mountains where they suspected there were some taliban so they stayed low. there were. they had opened fire.they had shot rps at him but he had taken cover. he had shot someone and it went quiet. their next mission
  • continued

    was big. 50 guys dropped into the mountains. they took 8 hours to walk one and a half miles. it was the worst terrain you've ever seen. they were looking for a young guy. they caught him. they were then above another taliban occupied town. they were exposed. they were bombarded with grenades, bullets everything. mikey had been shot.