(LN) Micheal Vey The Prisoner Of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans, Fiction, 326

  • Chp. 1- 18, Pgs. 1-123

    These chapters are about a boy named Micheal Vey who has the power of electricity running through him. Micheal his best friend named Ostin find out that the most prettiest girl in school, Taylor, has powers as well. Micheal and Taylor find out some wierd information about eachother that help explan why they have these powers. Fiction: Micheal Vey The Prisoner Of Cell 25-- 1-123 pages; total (123)
  • Chp. 18- 27, Pgs. 124-182

    In these chapters, Taylor is kidnapped by the head administrator of Elegen Acadmey and taken to Pasadena, California. She finds out she has a twin sister who has the same powers as her. Micheal has figured out that his mom is in Pasadena as well as Taylor. He has lined up a ride from a friend to take him and Ostin to Pasadena. 124-182 pages; total (182)
  • Chp. 27- 33, Pgs. 183- 220

    Taylor got in trouble because she was asked by Dr. Hatch (the head director of Elegan Acadamy) to reboot a BMX rider right in the middle of his stunt. She didn't do it because she thought she would severly hurt and possibly kill the rider. Dr. Hatch had Nichelle punish her by piercing her brain for an hour straight. 183-220 pages; total (220)
  • Chp. 34- 38, Pgs. 221-239

    Micheal and Ostin finally get to Elegan Acadamy in Pasadena, California. They dress up as fake delivery men to get in. They go down to the basement of the school where they find Taylor, but Dr. Hatch meets them down there and threatens that Micheal will never see his friends again unless he goes with Dr. Hatch to take some observation tests. 221-239 pages; total (239)
  • Chp. 39- 46, Pgs. 240- 280

    Micheal is asked to electrocute Wade to prove that he is part of Dr. Hatch's goup. He disobeys the order and tackles Dr. Hatch. He is put in cell 25 for 26 days without water, light, or good food to eat. 240-280 pages; total (280)
  • Chp. 39-48, Pgs. 281- 326

    After 26 days of being in cell 25 alone, Micheal is taken to a room where Taylor, Ostin, Dr. Hatch, and a boy named Zeus are. Dr. Hatch tells Micheal that Zues is going to electrocute Ostin and Taylor if he does not join his side. Micheal refuses and convinces Zues when Dr. Hatch leaves to join himself, Ostin, and Taylor to free the other electrokids. He agrees, but Dr. Hatch gets away with the rest of the electrokids before they could save them. 281-326 pages; total pages (326)