( LN) City of Glass, Cassandra Clare, fiction, 541 pages

  • 70 pages

    Clary was getting ready to pack for her trip to Idris when Luke gave her a cloke. Issebelle, Jace, Alec, and Simon went through the portal without Clary when they got attacked by forsaken. Clary found the portal almost all the way closed and opened it again with her power. Luke chased after her and they fell in a lake. After Luke saved Clary by pulling her out he made sure she spit out all of the water. The water is poisines for shodow hunters.
    pages 1-70 total 1427
  • 74 pages

    Clary and Luke had to walk a ways to get to the city and then they had to sneak in. By the time they got there Clary was halucinating a lot and Luke took her to his sisters house even though those two don't like eachother. Clary got medicine and got better but Luke had gone looking for his wolf pack. Meanwhile Simon was told he would get to go home but he was taken and put in a cell until he would lie to everyone about the Lightwoods. Clary snuck out to find Jace.
    pages 71-144 total 1501