(ln) city of fallen angles, cassandra clare, fiction, 424 pages

  • 81 pages

    Simon is cheating on Issabelle with Mia. Clary is training to be a shadow hunter with jace. Clary's mom hates Jace. Simons new band gets a new member.
    pages 1-81 total 81
  • 80 pages

    Shadow hunters are starting to turn up dead. Simon's mom finds out about Simon being a vampire and gets kicked out. He ends up living at Kyle's house. Clary and Luke want to find out who is killing the shadow hunters so they go tho the silent brothers and use Clary's magic to find out that Camille is killing them.
    pages 82-161 total 161
  • 82 pages

    clary and her mom went to the hospital because they had gotten a call about babies being born with monster defects. Clary's mom was horrified and ran out but Clary got a blanket that was the babies. she took it home and secretly used her power on it and found an address. She went there and was attacted by a demon but was saved by Issabelle, who Clary had texted.
    pages 162-243 total 243
  • 85 pages

    The party starts. jace shows up and takes Clary outside and convinces her to let him draw a rune of marrige on her. But the rune is truly to knock her out. Simon goes outside to clear his head and Maureen, the girl he bit, comes up to him as a vampire. She leeds him to an unfinished building where a women was waiting. Issabelle, Alec and Maia notice Simon is gone and go looking for him and find a buissiness card with an adderess that they go to.
    pages 243-328 total 328
  • 80 pages

    Simon figures out that the reason for him being taken to the building is because the queen of demons wants to bring Jonathan back from the dead. She needs a daylighter to bite him. The way that she is going to get him to do it is that she put a spell on Jace so he would bring Clary and threaten to kill Clary. Issabelle and the others get there and start searching the hotel and find a room full of dead babies. The babies parents had been convinced to take demon blood.
    pages 328-408 total 408
  • 16 pages

    Clary figures out how to break the spell on Jace. Simon figures out that when the queen of demons tries to hurt Clary then he can jump in front of it and because of his mark of Cain it kills the queen. Issabelle and the others find Simon, Clary, and Jace and everything gets explained. The Clave is sent for and arrives.
    pages 408-424 total-424