(LN) City of Ashes, Cassandra Clare, fiction, 453 pages

  • 79 pages

    Jace got kicked out of the institute because Maryse thought that he was helping Valintine. He was so mad that he went to the werewolves hang-out spot and started up a fight there. Luke came and relized it was Jace so they had a talk. A half dead werewolf was found drand of blood. But it couldn't have been by a vampire. Clary had to talk Jace into comming back to the institute because the inquisitor had arrived to question Jace.
    pages 1-79 total-503
  • 82 pages

    Simon asks Clary out and Clary excepts. The inqusitor puts Jace into the silent city for a night because she doesn't think he is telling the truth. They will use the mortal sword to tell if he is telling the truth or not. That night the silent city gets attacked. As it turns out it is Valentine comming to get the sword. He killed all the silent brothers who were in the city and then went to talk to his son. Clary, Issabelle, and Alec rescue Jace after Valentine is gone.
    pages 80-162 total 585
  • 70 pages

    The inqusitor thinks that Jace had this all planned so he wouldn't have to go through with the trial. She puts Magnus in charge of him until they figure out what to do. Clary, Issabelle and Alec get a message from the seelie court telling them to come and bring Jace. So Jace gets traded with Alec and he, Issabelle, Clary, and Simon go to the court, Simon gets bitten by a vampire so he turns into a vampire. All the kids are at Luke's house with him when a demon attacks.
    pages 163-233 total 655
  • 57 pages

    The demon hurts Maia, a werewolf, and Magnus has to use his powers to heal her. Luke is outside cleaning up when an even more powerfull demon comes and draggs him away. Clary, Jace, and Simon go out looking for Luke and find him with demons. They fight the demons and scare them away. They bring the badly hurt Luke back to get healed by Magnus.That night Jace sneaks off because he found out that his dad was on a boat very close by.
    pages 234-290 total 712
  • 40 pages

    The Inquisitor takes Jace back to the institute and puts him in a cage of magic. Her plan is to trade him for the mortal instruments. Jace knows that Valintine will never go for it though. He tells her Valintines plan but she doesn't listen. Alec comes to visit Jace in his cage and they figure out that if Jace does have special powers then he can jump out of the cage. He jumps and makes it.
    pages 291-331 total 752
  • 27 pages

    Jace and Alec go to Issabelle to have her heal the wounds that the Inquisitor gave Jace. He gets some weapons and jumps out her window to get away. Clary and Luke had been told to meet him. They got away and headed toward a meeting place with Magnus to get to Valintines boat. Magnus makes Luke's car drive on the water since they don't have a boat.
    pages 332-358 total 779
  • 50 pages

    Valintine declines the inquisitor's offer. Jace, Clary and Luke get to the place where they are supposed to meet Magnus. Jace convinces Clary to put her fearless rune on him. Magnus gets there and makes Luke's car float on the water so they can get to the boat. Thousands of demons were waiting for them. Clary gets taken away by a demon. She is put in a cell with Maia and uses a rune to escape. Back up shadow hunters get there and the inqusitor dies while protecting Jace.
    pages 359-409 total 829
  • 43 pages

    Jace goes looking for Simon, Maia, and Clary. He meets the fear demon and it was in the shape of Valintine. He finds Simon almost dead. Jace gives Simon some of his own blood to keep him alive and make him better. They then go and find Valintine and Clary. Clary draws the most powerful destroying rune and destries the whole ship. Simon can be in daylight, even though he is a vampire, surprising everyone. Valintine disapears.
    pages 410-453 total 872