Lizzie's Historical Geoogy Timeline

  • Cambiren Era

    Cambiren Era
    The first time thst multi celular life forms. The seas were warm and there was little polar ice.
  • Ordovician

    This era was named after a Celtic tribe. There are fossiles of plaunts dating from this era, There are also major petrolium resserves from the Ordovician era. Sea levels were high surring this time, Also al the southern contents formed together.
  • Silurian

    Land was reativey flat, ice caps continued to melt, North America and Europe collide forming a mountain range. There were stable and warm climate tempatures durring this period. The first boney fish developed durring this era.
  • Devonian

    The first ray finned fish, and amphibians began to form, fish started to develop legs ans wak on land. Coral reefs were common, supporting lots of marine life. The cimate was warm, lacking glaciers. There was also great tectonic activity.
  • Carboniferous

    A time of lot of glaicers and low sea leves. In the tropics there were lush coal swamps. Lots of mountains formed as did the super contanate Pangea.
  • Permian

    Famous for the largest mass extinction known to science. Pangea still exsisted, low sea levels, and varried climate.
  • Triassic

  • Jurassic

  • Cretaceous

  • Tertiary

  • Quaternary