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  • First human heart transplant

    First human heart transplant
    Year of birth; it was the first human heart transplant
  • Invention of the cell phone

    Invention of the cell phone
    When I was 6, it was the invention of the cell phone
  • Satellite television

    Satellite television
    I was 9 year old,
    when Television begins satellite delivery
  • First space shuttle flight: Columbia

    First space shuttle flight: Columbia
    I was already 14, so I got to see the first space shuttle flight: Columbia on TV
  • Mir space station

    Mir space station
    It was the beginning of the deployment of the Mir space station
  • Smartphone

    When the smartphone was invented, I had already finished college.
  • DVD

    By that time, DVD video recordings had already been develope
  • Twiter

    Just when Twitter launched, I was 39 years old
  • Embryonic stem cells

    Embryonic stem cells
    Medical science made a significant advance in the treatment of diseases, after developing embryonic stem cells created by cloning.
  • COVID-19

    In December 2019 COVID-19 reached pandemic levels, it was a very difficult year for humanity