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Agatha Christie

  • time and place of birth

    time and place of birth
    Christie was born on September 15, 1890, in Torquay (the southwest part of England).
  • early life

    early life
    She was educated at home by her mother, she was the one who encourage her to write. When she was 16, moved to Paris to study vocals and piano.
  • first marriage

    first marriage
    She wanted to start a family, so that year she married Archie Christie, a pilot and soldier.
  • beginnings of writing

    beginnings of writing
    During the World War I, Archie was sent to fight, so Agatha decided to join a volunteering as a nurse in the war. While she was working as a volunteer, wrote her first book, The Mysterious Affair at Styles.
  • birth of his daughter

    birth of his daughter
    Following the end of World War I and their retirement from the military life, Agatha and Archie Christie moved to London and settled into civilian life.Their only child was born early, her name was Rosalind Margaret Clarissa Christie (1919-2004).
  • other books

    other books
    Agatha's debut novel was first published in 1920 and turned out to be a hit. It was soon followed by the successful novels "The Secret Adversary" (1922) and "Murder on the Links" (1923) and various short stories. Agatha soon became a celebrated writer.
  • disappearance Agatha

    disappearance Agatha
    Archie announced to Agatha that he wanted to divorce because he was in love with another woman. Agatha disappeared for the next 10 days, and she was found under a false name in Yorkshire.
  • divorce from first marriage

    divorce from first marriage
    Agatha and Archie divorced in 1928, though she kept the last name Christie. She gained sole custody of her daughter Rosalind.
  • love returns

    love returns
    In 1930, Agatha married her second (and last) husband, Max Mallowan, a professional archaeologist. They would remain married until her death.
  • inspiration

    Christie often used places that she was familiar with as settings for her novels and short stories. Her various travels with Max introduced her to locations of the Middle East, and provided inspiration for a number of novels.
  • new residence

    new residence
    In 1934, Agatha and Max will settle in Winterbrook, Oxfordshire.
  • pharmacy job

    pharmacy job
    During World War II, she served in the pharmacy at the University College Hospital. There she obtained information on substances to make his stories more real.
  • award for his work

    award for his work
    Her husband was knighted. Agatha and Max are one of the few couples where both members have been honored for their work.
  • health problems

    health problems
    Her health problems affected her writing style but she still writing. But her memory was problematic and she had trouble remembering the details of her own work. She was suffering Alzheimer.
  • died Agatha

    died Agatha
    Finally she died of natural causes, remembered as a for being an important writer.