Literary Timeline

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    Reading Through the Years

  • My Early Years

    My Early Years
    I didn't spend very much of my extra time reading as a young child. We would play outside until the street lights came on, then come in and help out around the house, do homework, or watch TV.
  • Art Stuff

    Art Stuff
    During my middle and high school years, I started to have a big interest in art leaving very little time (in my mind) for anything else.
  • College Years

    College Years
    I majored in advertising/graphic design at an art college and only did required reading for my classes.
  • Reading to My Little One

    Reading to My Little One
    But wow! While pregnant I would read to my baby almost everyday. What's up with that!
  • Fun at the Bookstores

    Fun at the Bookstores
    As my child grew up and started to read, we would regularly go to libraries and our favorite book stores to check out the latest books.
  • Reading Today

    Reading Today
    My daughter is still a big fan of reading and writing, and I still love to read about some of my favorite topics.