Literacy Timeline

By rhodges
  • Day I was born

    Parents started reading picture books and bible stories to me.
  • Period: to

    Literacy Timeline

  • The Night Before Christmas Tradition

    My grandfathread would read The Night Before Christmas to me every year.
  • Popcorn by: Frank Asch

    Enjoyed the book Popcorn and always fought over it with my sister.
  • 1st Grade

    Enjoyed reading The Berenstain Bear books
  • Summer reading/Sneaks Program

    Started participating in the Baltimore County Public Library Sneaks Reading Program. Continued this through middle school.
  • 3rd Grade

    Started reading Boxcar Series after my teacher got me interested through read alouds in class. Also enjoyed the Mandie Series (mystery/adventure)
  • Author Assembly

    An author came to my elementary school and I got a book signed. The book was A Doggone Christmas. This book became one of my favorite holiday stories.
  • 4th Grade

    Started reading American Girl Series
  • Started High School

    Continued to read throughout high school and went to the public library, but most reading was for school. I do not remember what I read for pleasure.
  • Started College (Textbook reading)

    Only really had time for textbook reading
  • Started Teaching (5th grade)

    Started reading more children's literature as I read it with the students and to the students
  • Cooking Magazines

    Started getting subscriptions to cooking magazines.
  • 3rd Grade Teacher

    Continued reading more children's literature as I read it with and to my students. Got my students hooked on The Magic Treehouse Series.
  • Library Media Specialist

    Started my first year as a Library Media Specialist. I now read children's literature on a daily basis to my classes.
  • Hunger Games

    Read the Hunger Game series.
  • Baby Magazines and books

    Started getting subscriptions to baby magazines and books. This has been my nonstop reading ever since!