Literacy Moments with Samantha Witschey

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    Literacy Moments

  • Kindergarten, when I learned phonics

    When I learned phonics
  • 2nd Grade: I read my first Chapter book, "Nancy Drew."

  • 3rd Grade: Learned how to write a full paragraph

  • 4th Grade: More challenged reading: "Harry Potter" series

  • 6th Grade: Failed my first Middle School Reading class. Had to retake in Summer School

  • Sophmore year in High School: Did not pass the Reading portion of the HSA.

  • Over Summer of Sophmore year: Diagnosed with Vision Problems.

    I found out I had Convergence Insufficiency. The text on the page actually moved when I tried to read. It gave me massive headaches and I had to retrain my eye muscles.
  • Junio year: Diagnosed with ADHD

    Used prescribed medication for focus.
  • Passed HCC Reading Placement Test

  • Passed English 121 with an average over 100%!

    I have had many challenges with literacy but have been able to overcome them all. I look forward to helping others on this journey.