Linwood, Utah: The Town that Drown

Timeline created by MaezeMae
  • Founded

    The townsite was located four miles east of Manila, and was named "Linwood" after a variety of cottonwood trees planted in the tract.
  • Store Front Created

    Store Front Created
    A store was started in 1903, by Marius Larsen, which was later purchased by George Rassmussen.
  • Unquie Education

    Unquie Education
    The school which was constructed in the fall of 1904, it was the only school in the country to be ran by two different school districts in two different states due to the north half of the school was in Wyoming and the South half was in Utah. It has been said that if a student misbehaved in the Utah side of the school they would simply be taken to the Wyoming side to receive their punishments. This was because there were stricter laws in place in Utah.
  • A Church

    A Church
    Danial Morgan Nelson, aLinwood resident becomes the bishop of the Manila LDS Church. He later becomes one of the two blacksmiths in town.
  • Celebration of Independance

    Celebration of Independance
    It is annoucned in the Green River Star that there is to be a round of festivites held in Linwood for the 4th of July. There were to be races, fireworks, and a big dance.
  • Start of Decline

    Start of Decline
    By the Mid 1920's the town was starting to fall into turmoil. Many of the ranchers found new professions. Such as one of the Blacksmiths in town Charlie Lazzell
  • Making Room for the Damn

    Making Room for the Damn
    When the Flaming Gorge was being built it required Linwood to move. Thus leading to many families and businesses being moved, When some of the residents were asked to move their homes they refused and instead took the option to burn their homes. This happened with the original store that was purchased later by George Rasmussen, His wife Minnie took the option of burning their home and the store.
  • End of an Era

    End of an Era
    Tim Potter is seen recieving his mail for the last time from Eleen Williams. There was a Post Office in Linwood from 1903 until the town was abolished in 1958
  • The End

    The End
    By the end of the year of 1959 all the buildings that once stood in the town were gone and the land was ready for the new Flaming Gorge Damn
  • Memories Shared

    Memories Shared
    For as long as I can remember I make a yearly trip to the site that overlooks Linwood and read this sign. It was a place full of a rich history that is all to often over looked.
  • In today's Light

    In today's Light
    Now all that is left of the town is the road that leads down to the waters edge and loads of stories that have been passed through the generations in my family. Sadly many of the people that have memories of the town have now passed.