Lindesberg Incident

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  • Reports of systemized rapes of women in Lindesberg

    Alarming reports of systemized rapes of women in Lindesberg
    Arboga and Köping. It is both in public areas as well as domestic violence.
    There are military guerrilla gangs that operate and show extreme cruelty. We are
    upset that the presence of BFOR shows no improvement.
  • UNHCR truck hit by a mine.

    UNHCR truck hit by a mine.
    From Caritas International Örebro division
    Request for urgent assistance and guidelines
    Our office is providing emergency relief to Lindesberg for the UNHCR distribution in
    Lindesberg enclaves. Today at 11 am our truck entered to the allocated deployment site of
    UNHCR to deliver the goods. The truck was hit by a mine and the truck was blown up. Two
    of our relief workers are killed and one is seriously wounded. We ask that you coordinate both
    the medical assistance to the surviving employee and t
  • Voluntarily Return of Refugees in Southland, Westland and Northland

    Voluntarily Return of Refugees in Southland, Westland and Northland
    To: UNMIB
    From: UNHCR Representative, Bogaland
    Subject: Voluntarily Return of Refugees in Southland, Westland and Northland D+2
    1. Our field officers based in the refugee settlements in Southland, Westland and
    Northland all report about spontaneous voluntary repatriation to different areas of
    Bogaland. The exact numbers and locations of return are yet to be established but we
    estimate that several thousands, of a total potential population of 75,000, already left
    since yesterday.
  • Midan Massgrave

    Midan Massgrave
    To: UNMIB Police HQ
    From:, COM LCC BFOR
    Military Police Memorandum
    D+5 1500Hrs a Kasurian man, Bo Nilsson, stopped a MP C/S patrolling in the area. He
    claimed that he wanted show BFOR a Midan Massgrave. The unit followed the man to field
    in Björskog. The MP C/S saw that the soil recently had been disturbed (approx. area 5 x 15
    When the MP C/S started digging they found what is most likely the remains of human bones
    buried very shallow.
    GRIDS (UTM33V-WF 54279080) BJÖRSKOG

    Police Chief, Lindesberg To Head of Policemission
    Laila West UNMIB
    About 30 families that had fled to Lindesberg from Hallsberg decided to return to their homes
    west of Hallsberg. They decided to make the trip on there own.
    The majority of the families found their homes empty and looted and were able to return
    without problems. Five of the families found their homes occupied by other people.
    owners were forced to flee from the
  • Massacre in Lindesberg.

    Massacre in Lindesberg.
    BFOR Report - Lindersberg MassacreFacts
    The 21 dead bodies show various sign of being beaten by some kind of blunt object. The one thing
    they all have in common is that their skulls have been crushed by a blow to the back. Other that they
    all show various damages to their bodies. some has had parts of their clothes removed but no
    evidence of any sexual assault has been found.
    Regarding the raped women they were forced to witness the murders of their male comrades prior to
    being raped. Some women by up to 7 to 8 persons. Total nu
  • Amnistia Intern. Massacre in Lindsberg

    Amnistia Intern. Massacre in Lindsberg
    Amnesty International
    To: HQ. London
    From: Amnesty in Lindesberg, Bogaland
    cc. Office of UNMIB
    Report from Lindesberg, Bogaland
    Severe Human Rights Violations (D+9)
    In the early morning of DDMMYYYY Lindesberg was attacked by unknown Kasurian armed
    groups. The attack took place in the refugee area of about 10 000 Midan IDP´s and also in the
    surrounding residential Midan area. The armed group launched the attack first in the Refugee
    camp. They entered the homes of the refugees in the middle of the
  • Police Chief Lindesberg reporting Massacre

    From Police Chief Lindesberg
    Laila West
    To Head of Police mission UNMIB
    The attack on civilians in Lindesberg D+9
    In the early morning of DDMMYYY Lindesberg were attacked by a large number of armed
    men. They attacked the refugee area were there are about 10 000 Midan IDP´s. They attacked
    with firearms, grenades and Molotov cocktails. Witnesses tells that the Irregular unit who
    performed were marked whit patches whit a red flash on black bottom. That indicates that the
    perpetrators was