Lifetime Personal Health Timeline

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    Eat a well balanced diet
    Young adults need protein, calcium, potassium, healthy omega-3 fats, and folic acid Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight
    Limit fast foods and processed food that can be harmful to the body Protect the body form harmful things such as too much alcohol, drugs, and smoking. Protect the skin, ears, eyes, and teeth. Go to check up regularly.
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    Maintain healthy weight and eat a well balanced diet.
    Being overweight increases risks of chronic medical conditions Exercise regularly to keep a well functioning body
    Lowers the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer Avoid smoking, drugs, too much alcohol, get regular check ups
    Be safe and take care of the body
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    Maintain a healthy diet and take vitamins if needed. Watch what you eat. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels can rise, allowing risk of a heart attack or stroke. Take vitamins Stay fit and active regularly and include strength training. It can prevent osteoporosis Reduce levels of stress by finding time to relax. Go for check ups regularly to check up on heath/risks for any diseases. Take care of the body by not doing anything too extreme.
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    Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats. Pay attention to good nutrition and reduce levels of sodium. Stay physically active by doing aerobic exercises to reduce risk of osteoporosis. Challenge the brain to help with brain function by reading or doing puzzles Pay attention to the body and what you do to it. Go regular check ups to see if you are at risk of cancer/other diseases. Pay attention to vision, hearing, blood pressure, cholesterol, and menopause (for women)
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    Maintain healthy weight and well balanced diet with enough nutrients. Metabolism slows down and muscle is replaced with fat during your 60s. Exercise regularly by doing something you enjoy like walking swimming. Make sure to be aware of your limits to prevent injury. See health care provider regularly for check ups, health screenings, and diagnostic tests. Make sure to take care of your body by not smoking and drinking alcohol in moderation.